Research Reveals That Having An Elder Sister Can Help You Become A Composed Human Being

My Childhood Memories Are A Refresher To Me Which Can Help Me To Overcome Any Sort Of Anxiety. We Are Three Siblings And I Am The Youngest One. I Have One Sister Who Is Three Years Older Than Me And A Brother Who Is Almost Six Years Older Than Me. No Doubt I Had A Very Good Bonding With Both Of Them And They Both Are Equally Warm Towards Me But Still No One Can Take The Place Of My Sister. She Is The One I Remember Of Whenever I Feel My Heart Burdened. You All Are Aware Of The Teenage Challenges, The Time When You Want To Explore Everything. I Remember That I Used To Share Every Bit With My Sister And She Never Refused To Listen To Me Anytime.Recently, A Research Claims That Having A Sister Can Help You To Make Yourself Emotionally Stronger. The Research Was Conducted By Laura Padilla-Walker Who Is Quite Interested In Understanding The Human Behavior. Over 100 Families Help In The Research And She Discovered That Those Families Which Have Over Two Children And One Of Them Is A Girl Child Have To Do Less Efforts In The Upbringing Of Their Other Children. The Same Research Was Conducted After The Few Years In Order To Confirm The Results And Again The Results Were The Same That Is