President Obama’S Appreciation Letter To Darius Brown Motivated Him Even More

Everyone Had A Different Definition Of The Success And Everyone Adopts A Different Way To Achieve It. Some Of Them Consider The Bank Balance As A Success And Some Believe That Fame Is The Key To The Success. However, May Definition Of Success Is Completely Different. I Believe That Materialistic Success Never Remains For A Long Time. The Actual Success Is The Happiness And Peace Of The Mind Which Can Only Be Achieved By Helping Others And By Easing Them Through The Act Of Kindness And Love. This Is The Success That Remains Not Only Throughout The Life But After The Death As Well.Darius Brown Always Wanted To Help Others No Matter What It Costs And This Was The Actual Reason Behind Making The Bow Ties For The Different People. He Never Misses A Chance To Put A Smile On The Faces Without Expecting Anything In Return. His Kindness Was Not Limited To The Humans Only But The Animals As Well. When He Saw The Transfer Of The Animals From Texas To His Town, He Decided To Help Them Out And Started Putting Efforts For It. With A Lot Of Hard Work, He Came Up With A Very Creative Idea That Is The