Another Mother Observed Her Children Being Ignored And Put Her Phone Away As A Way Out

Technology Has Changed This World. If A Human From The 19th Century Get A Chance To Visit Our World, He Will Probably Assume That This World Is Nothing But A Magic. With The Each Passing Moment, The New Technology Is Coming Up That Has Made Every Human Almost Robotic. In Addition To The Ease Associated With The Technology, We Can Never Ignore The Relationship Breakdowns We Are Witnessing From The Last Few Years. We Have Started Hating The In Person Meetings And We Are So Involved In The Cell Phones That We Really Do Not Care That The Person Right Next To Us Is Going Through Which Circumstances. May Be It Is The Actual Reason In The Increase Of The Annual Suicidal Rate.Today, The Mobile Phones Have Impacted The Children Upbringing As Well. The Parents Have No Time For Their Children And As A Result The Children Search For Attention Outside The Home. Brandie Wood Is An Educated Mother Who Realized That She Was Doing Wrong By Giving Her Children