12 Uses Of Windex That You Didn’t Know

Most Of Us Have Windex In Our Houses For Cleaning Purposes. But, Rarely Do We Utilize It For Other Purposes. In Fact, Windex Can Be Used For Multiple Purposes. Today, We Are Sharing 12 Smart Uses Of Windex.

1- Use To Clean Greasy Kitchen
Windex Is A Good Means To Clean Your Greasy Kitchen. Windex Contains Active Caustic Substances That Can De-grease Your Kitchen. Just Sprinkle Windex In Various Places Such As Range Hood, Counter-tops, Pots, And Pans. However, Be Careful About Items And Places That Come In Direct Contact With Food As Per Upstairs And Downstairs.2- Ring Cleaner:
Cleaning Dirty Rings Can Be A Time-Consuming Process, But Windex Can Render You Instant Results. Mix Dish Soap And Toothpaste Into Windex. The Resulting Solution Can Be Used For Cleaning Dirty Rings.

3- Clean Microfiber:
Windex Can Be Used To Clean Microfiber. First Sprinkle Windex On Microfiber, Take A Brush And Rub The Microfiber And Let It Dry. In A While, Microfiber Will Give A Fresh Look.

4- Windex As Stain Eraser
Windex Can Be Used To Eliminate Stains From Your Garments. To Remove Stains From Cloth, Simply Sprinkle Windex On The Cloth And Rub It. Now Leave It For 10 Minutes And Then Wash Clothes. The Stain Will Disappear.

5- Use Windex For Whiteboard Erasing
When Simple Rubbing Does Not Work On The Whiteboard, Try Windex. First, Put Some Windex On Board, Now Rub And See The Magic. Therefore, It Is Recommended By Upstairs Downstairs Cleaning As An Essential Classroom Item.6- Best For Toilet Bowl Cleaning:
Very Few People Now That Windex Is A Quite Powerful Toilet Cleaner. Using Windex For Toilet Cleaning Is Very Simple, First, Sprinkle Windex, Let It There For 5 Minutes And Then Scrub It. You Will Find Even The Oldest Stains Are Gone.

7- Keep Bugs At Bay
Windex Can Be Used To Deter Bugs. To Keep Ants And Other Bugs At Bay, Sprinkle Windex On Various Entry Places Of Your House Says Householdhackers. This Will Keep Your House Safe From Aunts, Bugs, And Critters

8- Freeing The Zipper
When The Zipper Becomes Stuck, The Only Solution In The Mind Is To Have It Replaced By The Tailor. However, Windex Can Also Help To The Unstuck Zipper. First, Dip A Q-Tip In The Windex, Then Scrub It On The Zipper And It Will Become Unstuck.

9- Luster Your Steel
Windex Is Also Used To Luster Stainless Steel Things. When Your Steel Items Look Dull, Use Windex To Bring Them Back To Their Original Shine. This Life Hack Is Recommended By Bright Nest.
10- Sterilize Your Electronics
Often Corners And Back Sides Of Our Electronic Items Become The Home-Ground Of Germs. Bright Nests Suggests To Sterilize Your Computer, Led Tvs, Etc. With Windex. Remember, Unplug Electronics Before Applying Windex. Also, Make Sure The Liquid Does Not Enter Into The Boards And Internal Parts.

11- To Get Rid Of The Tight Ring
If A Ring Is Not Coming Off Your Finger, No Need To Worry. Just Sprinkle Windex On The Finger And Now Try To Remove It. House Hold Hacker Claims It Will Easily Come Off.
12- Printer Fixing
Those Who Have Printers Would Testify That A Frequent Issue With A Printer Is A Clogged Head. To Fix This Problem, Bright Nest, Recommends The Use Of Windex. First, Switch Off And Unplug Your Printer. Now Take A Paper Towel And Spray Windex On It. Place It On The Paper Head For A Night. Now Let It Dry And The Problem Will Be Resolved.

These Were Some Of The Less Known Uses Of Windex. I Hope You Find Them Interesting And Useful. Give Them A Try, We Assure You Will Not Be Disappointed.

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