Symptoms Of Dehydration- Don’T Wait For The Thirst To Occur

Dehydration Refers To The Insufficiency Of Water In The Body. It Takes Place For The Reason That We Take Little Water While The Drainage Is Higher. Besides, It Occurs When One Suffers From Diarrhea Accompanied By Vomiting Or Any Of These Diseases. As It Is Extremely Detrimental For Health, So Care Should Be Exercised Even If You Feel Mild Signs Of Having Dehydration. It Has Been Proved That Even Slight Dehydration Has Acute Health Effects. It Results In Many Physical, Psychological Or Emotional Health Effects As Per Webmd.It Is Interesting To Note That Water Constitutes A Major Component Of The Body, Almost 60 %. It Is Necessary For Performing Various Processes That Are Routinely Performed By The Body. It Is Needed By The Body For Joints Lubrication, Skin Mosturization, Toxin Drainage Along With Digestion, Says Dr. Mercola. In Short, Without An Adequate Amount Of Water, These Necessary Works Cannot Be Done By The Body.Moreover, Mercola Describes That Thirst Is Only A Hint That You Are Running Short Of Water. If You Run 1 Or 2 % Short Of Water, You Feel Thirsty. Therefore, Mercola Recommends That We Should Not Wait For The Thirst To Compel Us As The Body Required Water Before The Thirst Starts To Feel. These Signs Can Help You Find Whether You Have Dehydration Problems Or Not.Dry Skin:
According To Everyday Health, A Person Acutely Affected By Dehydration Might Have No Sweat. Further, Dehydration Makes The Skin Dry, Cracks Might Appear Or Skin May Flush. If You Find These Signs On Your Skin, Start Having Plenty Of Water.Frequent Cramps:
The Recurrent Occurrence Of Cramps After Exercise Might Be Due To Dehydration. Cramping Is Avoidable, Simply Have A Half Liter Of Liquid A While Before You Start The Exercise. Nonetheless, Dehydration Is Not The Sole Cause Of Cramping. As Alteration In Electrolytes, Alteration In Potassium Or Alteration In Potassium Also Causes Muscle Cramping According To Everyday Health.

Though Headache May Occur Due To A Variety Of Problems. Of The Many, One Reason For Headaches Is Dehydration. Because Of Dehydration The Fluid Sack Surrounding The Skull Contacts And Exerts Pressure That Causes A Headache. So, In Case Of Recurring Headaches, Take Dehydration Into Account As Well. Therefore, Start Having More Water Than Usual.

The Temptation For Sweet:
Our Body Releases Specific Nutrients Such As Glycogen For Which It Requires Water. Dehydration Might Bring A Craving For Sugar. So, To End The Temptation For Sugar, Simply Have More Water. Another Advice Is To Take Fruits When You Feel Craving For Sugar. It Will Have A Dual Function. First, It Will Fulfill The Craving; Second, It Will Replenish The Water.Now Coming To The Common Question Of Daily Water Intake. Instead Of Giving An Exact Number Of Liters Or Glasses Which Actually Cannot Be Suitable For Everybody Due To Changes In Age, Gender, And Physique. A Good Method Id Is Given By Dr. Mercola. He Says If Your Pee Is Light Yellow Or Clear, You Are Having Enough Water. On The Other Hand, Dark Yellow Pee Means, You Need To Drink More.

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