Robber Enters A Wheelchair-Bound Retiree’S Home, Takes Cash In Forward-Facing The Deprived Old Fellow.

These Days Robbery And Stealing Has Become Way Too Common. People Steal Things From Houses, Shops, Banks And Cause Loss To The Owner. This Way People Have Started To Have Trust Issues And They Seem To Stay A Bit More Alert. But This Time A Thief Stole Items And Money From The Wallet Of A Man Who Is 88 Years Old And Uses A Wheelchair For His Movement. Since The Footage Was Taken, It Revealed Some Wheelchair Situation. The Thief, Before Stealing Money From The Man’S Wallet In The House. The Footage Showed The Mysterious Thief To Enter The Birch House And Have A Normal Chat With Mr Birch, The Man Or The Owner Of The House Who Was Sitting On The Wheelchair. This Scenario Took Place In The Afternoon Hours Late Wednesday. Often In The Majority Of The Cases, The Thief Does The Robbery And Leaves Nothing Damaged Behind. No Property Or No Common Damaged By The Person.Mr. Birch Left His Gate Open Of His House Due To The Scorching Heat, Or The Weather. Little Did He Know That The Thief Would Enter He Peep Would Have To Bear Such A Loss.
However, The Footage Shows That He Sat And Had A Proper Conversation On Some Random Topic Before Surfing His Wallet. A Twitter Tweet Was Shared, Saying By The Username Of