Love Of Soldier For His Dying Pet

Dogs Have Special Affiliation For The Humans Which Can Be Understood Through A Number Of Examples In The History. Another Relationship Was Set Up Between Bodza And Smith. A Mission Became The Reason Of Their First Meeting And Their Chemistry Was Set For Life.As Soon As Bodza Got The Retirement, Smith Was The One Who Adopted Him And They Were Spending A Quite Happy Life Until Bodza Was Diagnosed With A Serious Disease. Bodza Was 11 Years Old When He Died And One Of Their Picture Gained The Attention Of All The People And Left Them In Tears.
Bodza Was A Specialist In The Detection Of Explosive Materials And He Was Assigned With Smith To A Mission In Kyrgyzstan In 2012. The Mission Was Almost 189 Days Long And This Long Mission Also Developed A Long Term Relationship. They Completed The Mission With All Their Hearts And Never Failed To Find The Time For Playing Even During The Mission.
Hence, The Adoption Of Bodza By Smith After His Retirement Was Quite Obvious. After Adoptions He Said