Humanity Roars Once Again

In England, A Few Days Ago A Fox Who Was In Very Critical Condition Was Taken To The Veterinary Doctors Veterinary Doctors By An Organization Known As The Fox Project. The Fox Had Many Injuries Throughout His Body And Was In Extreme Pain. The Doctors Fully Examined Him And Came To The Point That The Fox Had A Dangerous Parasite In His Body Which Is Causing Protoplasmic. The Doctors Had Only Two Options Available. Either To Kill Him Humanely Or The Other Option Was To Look For A Guardian For Him Who Takes His All The Responsibilities. When The Condition Of The Fox Was Revealed Before Mike Trowler, He Felt For The Fox And Asked For His Charge. He Was A True Animal Lover With A Number Of Pet Cats As Well. He Took The Fox With Him And First Of All Gave Him A Sweet Name, Cropper. Soon Cropper Became A Part Of Their Family. They Go For Walk Together Along With Trowler’S Cats. Trowler Left No Stone Un turned In Taking Care Of Cropper.

Trowler Began To Develop Strong Emotions For The Fox. Cropper Also Get Used To Him And No One Could Tell By Seeing Him That He Is Suffering From Such A Serious Disease. Trowler Provided Cropper With All The Possible Luxuries He Can Afford And They Were Living Like A Happy Family. It Has Been 6 Years Since Cropper Had Died But He Is Satisfied That At Least He Gave Him The Happy Last Moments Of His Life. The Love Of Trowler For The Dogs Is Never Ending. He Never Stopped Helping The Animals Especially The Foxes. Jack Was Another Fox Rescued By Trowler. No Doubt Trowler Has Set A New Example Of Humanity.
Trowler Is Surely An Inspiration For All Of Us And His Love For The Animals Should Be Appreciated. Share It So That We Could Gather More And More Love, Respect And Appreciation For Trowler.