Hugging Is Not Only A Brain Relaxer But Now Has Been Found As A Medicine For The Babies With Week Mental Health As It Strengthens The Development Of Brain, Claims A Research

Affection Is Something That Not Only Warms You Up But Gives You A Relaxing And Refreshing Sense. There Was A Time When Their Was A Huge Distance Between The Parents And The Children And Yes I Belong To That Generation. No Doubt My Parents Have Provided Me With All The Luxuries Of Life They Can Afford But I Remember That When My School Teacher Used To Beat Me, I Never Shared That With My Parents. However, Today The Time Has Changed And Now The Parents And Children Relationship Has Turned Into Friendship And In Addition To Several Other Advantages, A New Research Shows That Embracing Your Baby Helps Him To Develop In A Better Manner As It Strengthens The Brain Development By Stimulating Several Hormones. After I Go Through This Research, I Get To Know That Why The Nurses Hug The Child Immediately After The Delivery.

The Research Was Conducted In Ohio In Which Almost 125 Babies Took Part To Help The Medical Science. In The First Session At The Children