No More Fireflies In Near Future

We Are Sharing This Planet With Millions Of Living Species. But Somehow Or The Other We Have Abandoned Some Very Special Common Habitats Of Animals And Make Them Count In The List Of Extinction Species And Fireflies Are One Of Them.We Are Lucky To Enjoy The Charming Warm Nights In Some Country Areas With Fireflies. And This Experience Is No Doubt Beyond Explanation. But Our Next Children Would Not Be Able To See Fireflies In Real Because Their Population Is Decreasing Throughout America. Fireflies Will Be Restricted To The Part Of Fairy Tales For The Upcoming Generations.

United Nations Has Declared Fireflies At Risk Of Extinction With More Than A Million Species Of Plants And Animal Due To Human Activities. Many Arthropods Play An Important Part In Our Ecosystem Including Fireflies And Honey Bees. When Farmers Use Pesticide Sprays For Their Cultivated Crops To Keep Them Safe From Harmful Pests, These Toxic Sprays Also Kill The Beneficial Insects. Eco Watch Reports That Polluted Water And Air, Poisonous Gases From Industrial Units And Disturbing The Habitats Of Fireflies Are Main Reasons For Extinction. It Feels That We Have Closed Our Planet In A Sphere Without Letting Any Fresh Air In It And Made It A Suffocating Place.

It Has Been Reported That 2000 Species Of Fireflies Stated As Endangered Insects For A Few Years. Lightning Bugs Bring The Light Of Hope For Many Patients As They Are Significantly Important To Save Fireflies From Extinction. Scientists Consider Fireflies As An Instrument For Diagnosing Of Diseases Like Cancer And Hereditary Muscular Weakening. A Special Chemical Is Found In The Tail Of Fireflies Which Is Used To Inject In The Human Body For The Detection Of Cancer And Other Diseases. No Fireflies In The Environment Mean Unhealthy Surrounding. So Fireflies Can Be Considered As An Indication Of A Healthy And Safe Environment. Extinction Of Fireflies Is An Alarming Sign And Shows That Human Activities Like Pesticides And Toxic Waste Are Killing These Amazing Insects. We Should Take This Issue Seriously If You Want Your Future Generations To Enjoy This Natural Wonder. Use Of Natural Pesticides Instead Of Toxic Spray Can Be An Affordable And Sensible Choice To Save Fireflies.Play Your Part To Save Fireflies From Being Extinct. These Insects Are A Source Of Happiness For Us So We Have To Save Them.

What Can We Do On An Individual Level To Save Fireflies From Extinction?
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