Baby Chimp Was Rescued And She Was Holding An Old Cloth To Feel Protected

An Animal Rescue Company Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue And Protection Got A Call By An Unidentified Person About The Violation Of Animal Rights And Animal In The Area. They Invaded An Ordinary Tuck Shop In Kakata, Liberia That Was Spotted By The Caller. And Found A Small Baby Chimp In The Shop As They Kept Him In A Cardboard Box. They Discovered The Baby Chimp In Pathetic Condition As She Was Swaying Back And Forth, A Typical Stress Sign Of Being Deprived Of Care And Love. And She Was Clutching To An Old Cloth To Find Comfort From It.

It Was Very Sad To See A Little Animal In This State. The Shop Owner Had Carelessly Dumped The Baby Chimp In The Cardboard Box For Quite A Long Time. The Rescue Team Found That Mother Chimpanzee Was Hunted For Its Bush meat And They Brought The Baby Chimp With Them. As It Is Common Practice In Some African Countries That They Used To Eat The Meat Of Undomesticated Animals Like Chimpanzee, Gorillas, Antelope Include Some Reptiles.

Baby Chimp, Chance Was Only One Year Old And Never Got Any Attention And Care She Deserves. She Remained Unattended Since A Very Young Age And This Depravity Has Affected Her Nature And Turned Her Into An Inferior And Insecure Chimpanzee.

Chance Was Staring At The Rescuers With Lifeless Eyes. And Her Mental Condition Was Not Feeling Better As She Was Rocking And Clinging To An Object For Comfort Was A True Depiction Of Her Depressing Life.

Chance Was Too Weak To Be Called As A One-Year-Old Chimp. As Her Owner Used To Feed Her Only Rice And Cornmeal In Small Proportion Despite Chance