A Dog Was Found Dumped In The Trash In Birmingham

Love For The Owner And Sincerity Are The Two Innate Characteristics Of Any Dog. A Case Arose In Birmingham Where The Number Of Pedestrians Witnessed A Very Heart Breaking Scenario. They Were Attracted By The Painful Cries Of A Dog That Was Dumped In The Trash.

The Dog Was Looking Out Of The Bin Everywhere As If He Was Waiting For His Owner. One Of The Pedestrians Could Not Withstand The Pain And Called The Rescue Team To Help Him Out.

The Rescuers Felt Heavy Hearted When They Observed His Condition As His Owner Had Left Him In A Cold Bin. The Fear In His Eyes And His Sweet Nature Mesmerized The Rescuers. The Owner Did Not Even Bothered To Drop Him At Least To A Warm Place Which Speaks Of His Ignorance Towards The Puppy.The Rescuers Provide Him Shelter And The News Got Viral.