Prairie Wolf Sneaked Into A House, One Dog Killed Another Injured

We All Love Our Pets Like Our Family Members. We Can’T See Them In Pain Let Alone Getting Killed Or Even Wounded. But, A Family In Buenos Park Went Through This Painful Experience In The Near Past When A Coyote Crept Into A House From The Doggy Door.

They Had Two Dogs, Sally And Murphy. Sally- A Maltipoo Of 10 Years- Was Put To Death While The Second Dog Murphy, Was Severely Wounded.
Scot Good ling, The Owner Of The House Recalled The Dreadful Incident To A Reporter.

According To The Scot, It Happened During Late Midnight, He Was Woken By The Violent Noise. The Coyote Had Broken Into The Dog’S Room And Instantly Pounced On Sally And Murphy. When He Reached To Rescue, The Little Murphy Was Dead Due To Injuries While Sally Was Found Alive With Wounds Bleeding.

Unfortunately, It Was Murphy’S Second Encounter With A Coyote And Around 2,200 Dollars Were Needed For His Surgery. A Rather Worrying Fact Was That Such Attacks Were Happening In The Area Around Two Weeks. As A Few Days Back, A Cat In The Same Area Also Became Prey To A Coyote
Another Fear Was That A Pack Of Coyote May Be Looming Large In The Neighborhood.

The Footage From Security Cameras Has Caught Some Coyotes As Well. A Public Notice Has Been Circulated By The Police Warning People To Lock All The Doors And Remain Watchful. Authorities Feared The Habituated Coyotes Might Make Further Such Attacks Especially In Desert Areas Such As Las Vegas, Southern California And Phoenix.