Owners Chained And Left A Defaced Pit Bull Alone

It Feels Strange When Seeing Woody For The First Time. But He Is A Sweet And Loving Dog. As Far As His Crooked Face Is Concerned He Did Not Have His Face Like This By Birth. His Previous Owner Has Neglected Woody When He Was A Few Weeks Old. Little Woody Was Attacked By Another Dog And This Fight Caused Many Severe Injuries To The Little Puppy. And His Owner Never Paid Attention To His Dog. If He Would Have Got Woody Proper Medical Care Poor Dog Will Not Suffer From The Permanent Facial Deformities.

His Previous Family Was So Careless About The Dog That They Left Woody Behind And Moved Permanently From There. They Chained Up Woody In The Backyard And Left Him There Alone. When People From Neighbors Heard The Hungry And Thirsty Dog, They Got Worried For Him.

As They Knew That His Owner Had Left The Place. So They Started To Feed The Dog But Poor Woody Needed Some Help For Sure. Then Neighbors Called Special Need Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation To Rescue The Chained Dog.

As Soon As Woody Reached The Rescue Center He Became Popular Due To His Playful And Energetic Nature. And He Was Still A Very Happy Dog Although He Had Suffered A Lot Both Physically And Morally.

Rescue Staff Was Satisfied As Woody Did Not Feel Uncomfortable Despite His Facial Deformities. And They Started To Find A Loving And Caring Family For Woody. But For The Time Being Jamie Bond Took The Responsibility Of Woody As His Foster Mom. And She Spent Joyful And Memorable Time With Woody.

It Was Unlucky For The Previous Owner Of Woody Who Neglected This Precious Dog As Many People Wanted To Adopt Him. Snarp Received Hundreds Of Applications For Adoption Of Woody And They Cannot Wait To Take Woody Home. And Soon Found A Loving Home Before Christmas And He Spent His New Year With A New Family.

Was It Fair For A Dog To Be Left Behind Due To His Crooked Face?We Are Happy That At Last Woody Found A Family Who Saw Through His Imperfect Face Right Into His Heart.

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