Lawyer Who Slit Dog

The Cruelty Against The Animals Is Never Accepted At Any Cost. A Case Arose In Birmingham Where The Former Attorney Killed His Stafford shire Terrier Brutally By Lacerating His Throat Region. The Law Took The Action Against This Animal Violence And The Former Attorney Was Convicted To Probation. However, The Former Attorney Violated Another Sanction As He Was In Contact With His Ex-Wife. The Judge Punished Him By Sending Him To The Jail For A Day.According To John Wiley, The Attorney Of James Stewart Robinson, He Was Punished To A 5 Year Sentence Which Was Previously Suspended And 3 Years Probation As Well. This Punishment Was Under The Class C Felony Brutality Against The Innocent Animals. In Addition, 1 Year Suspended Sentence Followed By 2 Year Probation Was For The Domestic Violence And Harassment Charge.The Proceedings Are Still Continuing As The Domestic Violence Charge Has Been Appealed To The Circuit Court Directly From The Vestavia Municipal Court.The Retired Clay County Circuit Judge John Rochester Was Specifically Appointed For This Hearing And According To Wiley The One Day Jail Was Also Imposed By John Rochester. Wiley Further Explained That St Clair County, Who Was Also Specifically Appointed For This Hearing, Told Rochester Right Before The Friday Hearing That The Culprit Had Emailed The Happy New Year And The Merry Christmas Messages During The Christmas Time To His Ex-Wife. He Further Stated,