A Homeless Vet Finds A New Family As A Cop Takes Him To Her Home.

Cops Are Generally Viewed As Heartless And Tough. Many Of Them Are Indeed So, But Not All. Even Day-To-Day Gossips Paint A Gloomy Picture Of Them. However, Today We Have A Story Of A Cop Who Is An Epitome Of Love And Compassion. Why Did I Call Her Epitome Of Compassion? She Is Dena Walker Pauly, A Police Officer In The Lawrenceville Police Department, Georgia. Two Years Ago While On-Duty, She Met Bob- An Elderly Man Who Ran A Pawnshop. During The Meeting, She Came To Know About His Sad Past And Present Deplorable Situation. She Was Moved By His Story And Decided To Help Him.
Actually, Bob Did Not Have Any Family Or Friends. He Was An Orphan And Lived Alone Since Childhood. He Remained Homeless For A Large Period Of His Life. Now He Was Living Alone In His Apartment. Moreover, After Having A Stroke, He Became Non-Verbal As Well. The Moment Dena First Entered Bob’S Shop, She Felt The Loneliness That Surrounded His Life. She Felt That She Needed To Help This Man.Despite The Fact That Dena Was Doing A Full-Time Job And Had A Happy Family, She Took Bob Into The Fold Of Her Family. Her Colleague Shanon Described The Incident As Follows:
“My Sweet Friend Arrived At The Pawnshop And Was Also Unsure How To Assist Bob, But She Sensed He Needed Help And Offered To Take Him Home So He Could Show Her What He Needed. She Was Horrified When She Saw Bob’S Living Conditions.”The Man Was Not In A Position To Keep His Apartment Clean And Take Care Of Hygiene And Sanitation. He Was In Need Of Acute Help. His Deplorable Conditions Completely Moved Dena And He Decided To Help. She Began By Teaching Him Some Hygienic And Sanitation Skills That He Could Have Learned At A Much Younger Age If He Was Not Orphan And Homeless. So, Dena Started Visiting Him Regularly To Clean His Apartment And To Provide Company To This Lonely Soul. She Also Brought Him Food And Other Necessities. After Some Time, Bob’S Health Deteriorated And She Realized He Was In His Last Days. Bob Had No One To Take Care Of, So Dena Undertook All Her Responsibilities. She Attained A Power Of Attorney For His Medical Care.When His Health Further Deteriorated, She Had No Choice But For Hospice Care For Bob. Shannon Recalled The Moment And Told, “She Held His Hand And Told Him That She Loved Him.”He Transformed From Here To Hereafter While His Hand Was In Dena’S Hand. Shannon Captured This Moving Moment In The Camera That He Shared On Facebook And Wrote, “I Have Never Been More Proud Of Any Friend That I Was Today Of Dena Walker Pauly. It Is Hard For Her To Say Goodbye To Bob. I Told Him He’S Changed Her Life Forever Because I Know It’S True.”For A Dignified Funeral For Bob, A Local Funeral Parlor Was Hired. The Parlor’S Owner Knowing The Whole Story Decided To Provide Their Service Without Any Charges. Dena Kept Her Remains With Her To Remember Him Forever.

Both Shannon And Dena Later Said That It Was Not Easy For Them To Let Go Of Bob, But They Hoped That Bob Would Be In A Better Place In Heaven Than He Was Here Alone, Friendless And Homeless. Shannon Shared The Whole Story On Facebook And Concluded It Thus, “Please Also Remember To Pray For Cops. This Photo Depicts The True Nature Of Law Enforcement Officers.”Its Heart-Rendering That Bob’S At Such An Old Age No Friend Or Relative To Take Care Of, But The Courageous Steps Of Cops, Like Dena Are A Source Of Solace For All Of Us That We Are Not Alone.

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