Two Dogs Set An Example For Of Friendship

We Have Seen Countless Stories Of The Friendship Of Human. And It Is An Unsaid Rule Of Friendship To Stand By Each Other Through Thick And Thin. They Like To Spend As Much Time As Possible Together And It Becomes Unbearable For Them To Stay Apart. But We Have Happened To Come Across An Iconic Example Of Friendship Between Two Dogs. And Strangely Enough, Both Of Them Belong To Different Breeds Of Dog.A German Shepherd And Chihuahua Were Found By The Rescue Team Of Arizona Humane Society. Jericho The German Shepherd Was In Need Of Help And Was Underweight Due To His Sickness Even That He Could Not Keep Himself Warm On His Own.But Jericho Was Not Alone As Jefe The Chihuahua Was There To Accompany His Friend At This Time Of Distress. Despite Being Small Jefe Was Trying To Keep The Jericho Warm By Lying On Top Of Him

Rescue Team Managed To Send Jericho To The Veterinarian Clinic For Some Medical Aid. But As Soon As Jefe Saw His Friend Taken Away The Ambulance, He Started To Scream To Get His Friend Back. When Volunteers Could Not Be Able To Distract The Attention Of Jefe From Jericho, They Came To Realize That There Was No Way To Soothe Jefe Except Taking Him To Jericho.

Jericho Was Suffering From Valley Fever And It Was Supposed To Take Some Time For Jericho To Get Fully Recovered. Throughout That Time Jefe Remained By His Time At The Hospital. Arizona Humane Shelter Has Posted The Advertisement Of Adoption For Both Of Dogs In A Package. As It Was In Their Best Interest To Stay Happy Together.

Soon A Couple Came In Terms With The Shelter And They Adopted Jefe And Jericho Together. We Wish A Happy Friendship To Both Of Them. Do You Agree That Animals Get Emotionally Attached To Each Other After Reading This Story?

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