How A Pit-bull Saves The 7 Month Baby From Raging Fire

Animals Have Better Sense To Feel The Danger Before Human Beings. And Dogs Are Known For Their Quality To Respond Spontaneously In Any Situation. There Is A Common Perception About Pit-bull Breed Of Dogs That It Is Not Safe To Keep Them As Pet Especially If You Toddlers At Home. Because They Are Aggressive In Nature And Can Harm The Child. But Last Year A Pit-bull Saved A Family The In Stockton, California And Proved His Faithfulness Towards His Owner.

Nana Chaichanhda Used To Live In An Apartment In Stockton, With Her 7 Months Old Baby. Then One Night When Everyone In The Building Has Been Settled Down To Take Rest, A Fire Break Out In One Side Of The Building. And Quickly The Fire Started To Headway Towards Their Side. Suddenly, She Heard Her 8 Months Old Pit-bull Barking During Sleep.

Chaichanhda Could Not Be Able To Figure Out The Sudden Furious Barking Of Her Dog Named Sasha. As She Used To Keep Sasha Outside Her Apartment So The Dog Came To Know About The Fire Before Anyone Inside The Apartment.

When Chaichanhda Opened The Back Door For The Sasha, The Dog Responded Quickly Than Chaichanhda To Save The Baby. Sasha Rushed Towards The Nursery And Started To Tug The 8 Months Old Baby Out Of Her Crib.

When Chaichanhda Reached There, The Dog Was Trying To Save The Sleeping Baby By Holding It Through The Diaper. She Was Shocked To See Her Daughter Like This. And She Could Not Believe Her Eyes When She Realized That Sasha Made Sure Not To Harm The Baby With Its Teeth While Dragging It Out Of Danger. Chaichanhda Was So Grateful For The Dog To Timely Save Her Family From The Fire.

Although They Chaichacha And Her Baby Got Rescue By Sasha, Unfortunately, Her Apartment Has Been Completely Destroyed By The Violent Fire. And Nowadays They All Are Sharing An Apartment With Her Aunt.

Chaichacha Is Trying To Generate Some Funds On Go-fund-me Page To Renovate Her Damaged House. So That She Can Go Back To Life Again With Her Baby And Sasha. Do You Still Think That Pit-bulls Are Dangerous Dogs After Reading This Story?

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