Another Case Of Negligence As 2 Puppies Died In Hot Car, 3rd Puppy Saved By 911

Since Summer Has Started We Are Receiving News About The Death Of Pets Locked In The Car. And People Seem To Act As If They Are Naive About This Issue. If They Cannot Take The Responsibility To Care About Their Pet Them Why They Keep Them And Proudly Claim To Be The Owners Of Pet.A Lady Went To Spend Her Holidays At Quality Inn And Suites In Orlando, Florida. And She Became So Busy There That She Forgot About Her Pet Puppies. When One Of The Guests From The Hotel Happened To Come In The Parking Lot He Saw Something Which He Has Never Anticipated. He Found 3 Puppies Locked In The Car And They Were Unable To Move. So He Called The Rescue 911 To Help Those Puppies And Other Guests Of The Hotel Broke The Windowpane To Relief The Poor Dogs From Suffocating Car.

It Was 9 Am When The Rescue Team And Police Arrived At The Venue. A 6-Month-Old Chihuahua Named Minnie Has Been Expired And Rest Of The Two Puppies Was Hardly Breathing So They Were Sent To The Orange County Animal Services Without Further Delay.
But 3-Month-Old Shepherd Mix Kiara Also Died In The Hospital. The 3rd Puppy Was A 6-Month-Old Terrier Mix Gruff, Lucky Enough To Survive. Those 3 Puppies Belonged To 54 Years Old Penelope Stanley, She Was Not Found There During All This Chaos. And Authorizes Asked People To Help Them To Find The Lady So That She Could Face The Penalties Of Her Negligence.

According To Recent Updates, Deputies Of Orange County Have Arrested The Lady. And She Admitted During Investigations That She Was In Orlando To Spend Her Vacations There. And She Was Forced To Leave Her Puppies In The Car As Hotel Management Of Quality Inn And Suites Did Not Allow Her To Keep Her Dogs With Her. So She Had To Leave The Puppies In The Car. And She Was Sorry At All About Her Pets Being Died.

But Police Said That The Dogs Remained In The Hot Car And It Was Gauged To 112 Fahrenheit When They Reached There. And Puppies Stuffed In The Locked Car For A Very Long Time And Resulted As The Death Of 2 Puppies. And Was All Penelope