You Are Doing It Wrong! How To Correctly Carry A Baby Car Seat!

Seriously, We have All Been Doing It Wrong The Whole Time, And As A Father Of Five This Simple Technique Is Something I Wish I’D Heard About A Long Time Ago!You Know, Those Wonderful Seats Are Designed, As They Well Should Be, For The Safety Of Your Child, And It Seems Like Nobody’S Given Much More Than A Second Thought To The Cumbersome, Awkward Handle That We’Re Supposed To Use When We Carrying It Around, And Let’S Face It, When They’Re Little, That’S A Lot Of The Time!

As You Might Expect, It’S Taken A Chiropractor To Set The Record Straight. In A Very Unusual Viral Video Dr. Emily Puente Of Bridge Family Chiropractic In Mansfield, Texas, Explains That We have All Been Doing It Wrong The Whole Time. Amazingly, This Video Has Been Watched Nearly Six Million Times, And Shared Over 57,000 Times! It Just Goes To Show, The Most Unexpected Things Can Go Viral, And This Video Has Simply Because It’S So Darned Helpful And Solves A Major Problem.
What Doctor Puente Is Basically Explaining In The Video Is That Most Of Us Carry A Baby Car Seat In A Way That Twists Our Back And Puts Unnecessary Strain On Our Shoulders.

Well, Yep! i have Done It.! Okay So Here Goes, The Correct Way To Hold A Baby Car Seat Without Injuring Yourself Is To Put Your Arm Through The Handle As You Normally Would. But Then Instead Of Turning Your Arm Upward To Hook The Seat In The Crook Of Your Arm, Keep Your Arm Straight, Turn The Palm Of Your Hand Outward And Grasp The Base Or Edge Of The Seat With Your Fingers.

And In Case You Think We’Re Stealing The Good Doctor’S Thunder Here, She Admits In The Video That In Fact This Was A Tip Passed To Her By Somebody Else! Give It A Try, And Let Us Know What You Think In The Comments Below. People Of Facebook Are Going Nuts For This Simple, Seemingly Obvious Technique Which, In All My Years Of Carrying Baby Car Seats, I Never Thought Of!
Ledonna Nubin Said On Facebook That She Was So Grateful, As A First Time Mum She Had No Idea How Heavy A Baby Seat Could Be. Dr Puente Explains In Her Video That Holding The Seat Like This Allows For A More Even Distribution Of The Weight, Meaning The Certain Areas Of Your Body Like Your Shoulders And Back Aren’t Taking Strain They Shouldn’t Or Being Twisted In A Way Which Could Even Cause You Serious Injury.

So If You Still Have Little Ones Getting Heavier And Heavier In These Seats And Like Most Of Us You Still Find Yourself Leaning Your Hip In To Take The Strain, Switching From Hand To Hand, Elbow To Elbow And Even Holding It In Front Of You, Then Give This A Try.

We Know That As Parents Any Little Thing Which Can Make Life A Touch Easier Is Very Welcome! And Make Sure You Share This Little Nugget Of Wisdom With Your Friends And Family, You Could Be Doing Somebody A Massive Favor! And If You Know Any New Parents, Make Sure You Tag Them, Because You Can Be Sure If They’Re Like Most Of Us, They Won’T Have Thought Of This.

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