Seeing Eye Puppy Missing From 24th June. $5000 Reward Announced For Safe Return Of Puppy

Seeing Eye Dogs Are Specialized Guide Dogs And Are Being Trained To Assist And Leading Blind Or Partially Impaired Vision People Safely From Obstacles. A Seeing Eye Dog Costs More That $50,000 On An Average.Recently A 14 Month Old Female German Shepherd Dog Went Lost From New Jersey On 24 June. It Was A Well-Trained Seeing Eye Puppy And Owners Are Finding This Dog Since Then. So Family Thought To Give It A Shot And Announced A Hefty Amount Of $5000 Reward For The Return Of The Dog, Andrea. They Also Mentioned Some Identifying Marks Of Andrea In The Flyer. As The Dog Has An Id Tattoo On Her Right Ear And Also Been Micro-Chipped. But We Could Not Understand It Was Easy To Locate Andrea With Micro-Chip Then Why They Could Not.Seeing Eye Director Of Canine Commented On Facebook That They Have Tried Hard To Find Andrea In The Locality But Somehow They Felt That It Became Vital To Let The Other People About Missing Seeing Eye Dog. And They Hoped That Increasing The Prize Money Will Increase The Chance Of Safe Return Of Their Dog.

It Was Part Of The Training Of A Seeing Eye Puppy That They Have To Live With A Volunteer Family Until They Are Mature Enough To Be A Special Guide Dog. And Andrea Was Living With Her Volunteer Family When She Broke The Latch Of Her Leash And Ran Away.

Although Volunteer Family Was Responsible For Losing A Precious Puppy Staff Of Seeing Eye Have Sent Flier, Adds And Poster Of Andrea All The Way Through Sussex County. But Could Not Find Any Clue About Her. After Releasing The Ad About Reward Seeing Eye Hopes That They Will Have Andrea Soon Safe And Sound With Them. And Has Been Clear In The Message From Seeing Eye That If Someone Will Handover Andrea To Them They Will Not Bother Them With Any Interrogation. It Has Been A Few Days Since They Have Released The Ad But There Is No Development In The Search.

Please Contact At This Number 973-525-1084 If Anyone With Information About Andrea Seeing Eye Puppy. We Hope To Find The Dog Soon.

Can It Be Expected From Trained Dog To Act Rationally And Break Latch Herself? It Looks As If Someone Has Handpicked Andrea.

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