Old But Brave Dog Died Protecting His Family From A Bear Attack On Hiking Trip.

Dogs Are Lovely Creature Of God And They Are Here To Make Us Feel Happy, Protected And Responsible. When You Learn To Love A Dog Loyally They Devote Their Lives To You And Never Hesitate To Sacrifice For Anything Lesser But Their Life. In A Time Of Danger, They Will Not Let You Down And Stay By Your Side Until Last Breath. Pete Was Such A Faithful English Setter, Who Proved His Loyalty And Faithfulness When Encountered With A Black Bear.

Pete Was On A Hiking Trip With His Owner And Family Somewhere Near New York State. When Pete Got A Chance To Prove Himself And Turned Out To Be Super Dog To Save His Family With His Courage.
Pete Stood There Against A Black Bear That Happened To Appear From The Surrounding Of Hiking Track. Although There Were Other Dogs Too It Was Pete Who Fought With The Attacker Despite Being An Old Dog. But There Was No Fear While He Was Defending His Family. His Unshaken Bravery Saved Many Lives.One Of The People Who Were Part Of This Incident Posted On Their Twitter Account That He Was Sorry For The Loss Of His Friend