How A Lady Saved A Buried Newly Born Child Then Reunion After 20 Years

Every Story Is Unique In Terms Of Its Characters, Emotions And The Way It Evolves. But Few Of Them Always Seems To Amuse Us And Become Part Of Our Good Memories. Our Today’S Story Is One My Favorite Story So Far And I Feel Honored To Share It With You All. This Story Revives Our Belief In Humanity. And Most Importantly Make Us Realize That If It Is In Our Fate To Live Then God Sends His Angels To Rescue Us From The Darkness Of Death.It Was A Sunny Morning And Azita Milania Was Jogging In The Tracks Of Altadena, California With Her Dogs. During Her Walk, She Felt Very Peculiar When Her Dogs Started To Bark And One Of The Started To Dig The Dirt Near Shrubs. Normally It Was Not Her Route For Jogging. Then She Followed Her Dog And Went To Resolve The Mystery. Azita Also Started To Remove Dirt With Her Hands Suddenly She Felt Something Soft Brushed Against Her Hands. She Remained Shocked To See Two Feet So She Moved Her Hands More Quickly. And Found A Newborn Boy There. Someone Has Buried Him Alive And Thanks Heaven That It Was Not Too Late. The Baby Was Breathing When She Removed Dirt From His Mouth And Nose.

Milania Shared The Discovering Of This Child To La Times In 1988 And Said When She Reached Out To Hold The Baby He Grabbed Her Wrist And Stopped Crying By Feeling Her Touch. And She Was Speechless To See That He Was Buried There With His Umbilical Cord Still Attached.

Then She Brought The Baby To Huntington Memorial Hospital Immediately For Medical Aid And Doctor Told Azita That Baby Will Be Fine. He Was A Strong Child To Survive While Covered His Mouth And Nose With Dirt. Then The Baby Was Adopted By A Couple And Named Him Matthew Whitaker. Azita Had No Idea Who Adopted That Child And Wonder Sometimes If He Would Ever Be Known About His Savior.

But In Heart, She Has A Wish To Meet Him Again. Now Its Time For Matthew To Find Her The Way She Found Him. But She Had No Clue About Matthew Until 2018. When A Radio Producer Did Some Investigations About 20 Years Old Story And Become Successful To Trace The Matthew. He Has Grown Into A Tall And Strong Young Man. When The Producer Told Matthew About Azita He Became Emotional And Could Not Hold His Sentiments Towards His Savior.

At Last, The Time Comes When Azita Met With Matthew In A Live Radio Telecast. Azita Could Not Believe Her Eyes And She Was Hugging And Wiping Her Tears Of Happiness To See Matthew Like This. It Was An Emotional And Heart Touching Reunion. As It Is Said That Sweetness Of Reunion Is The Joy Of Heaven. And That Moment Was Worthy To Cherish. Later On, Azita Took Matthew Along With Her To Show Him The Track Hill Where She Found Him. Matthew Thought Of This Place As His To Be Grave And He Was Not Wanted By His Own Mothers Who Dumped Him In The Dirt Right After Giving Him Birth And Not Even Bother To Cut The Umbilical Cord. But Azita Told Him With Her Sincere Eyes That He Was Wanted By The World.

What Would Be The Circumstance For Matthew