Tear-Jerking Reunion With Faithful Dog Missing 2 Years!

It Was Hard To Imagine Anybody Loved This Poor Old Doggo When He Was Picked Up By An Animal Shelter In Ukraine In June 2019. Lord, As We Now Know He Is Called Came To The Shelter Emaciated And Covered In Mange. A Handsome And Lovely Boy, He Was Clearly Very Old And Had Been Living On The Streets For Some Time. He Looked Like A Pup With His Best Days Behind Him. Little Did He Know That The Best Day Of His Life Lay Ahead Of Him As All His Hopes And Dreams Came True, And Two Hurt Hearts Got Healed.

Dogs Really Are Amazing Creatures, We’ve All Heard Stories Of Their Incredible Memories And Loyalty, And In These Pictures You Can See Hard Evidence. The Story Goes That Lord Was In Terrible Shape When The Shelter Picked Him Up, All Skin And Bone And Covered In Mange, But He Was A Lovely Gentle Old Man.

The Shelter Gave Him Food And Medicine, And Built Up His Strength, Before Trying To Find Him A Forever Home. Sharing His Images And Details On Their Facebook Page, The Shelter Really Weren’t Expecting Much Of A Response, Raggedy Old Pups Like Lord Can Be Very Hard To Find A Loving Home For. But, To The Shelter’S Surprise, The Post Got An Unusually High Response. Maybe There Was Just Something In Lord’S Eyes That Tugged On The Heartstrings, But The Post Was Shared Hundreds Of Times, An Awful Lot For A Little Animal Shelter In The Ukraine. Thanks To The Good Old Internet, Two Days After The Picture Was Posted A Woman Got In Touch. She Said That It Looked Like Her Dog Lord, Who Had Been Stoled From Her Yard In 2017, She Had Been Devastated By Her Loss ‘She’D Been Looking For Him For Two Years!’ Galina Lekunova Told The Dodo.

All This Time Her Owner Had Been Looking For Him, He Really Is A Beloved Family Pet, She’D Shared All Over Social Media And In Groups. Somehow Lord Had Managed To Get Away From The People Who Stole Him, And It Seems Like All This Time The Poor Lost Dog Has Been Wandering The Streets Trying To Find His Way Back Home. Heartbreaking, But In A Good Way! The Very Next Day Lord’S Owner Turned Up To See Him. Both Of Them Were A Little Hesitant At First, The Woman Wasn’t Even Sure Lord Would Remember Her, But Of Course He Did! After A Moment Of Slow Realization Lord Understands That He’S Found His Owner, His Lovely Person And The Waiting And Searches Is Over! He Jumps Up And Gives Her A Huge Hug And The Woman Bursts Into Tears.

The Shelter Sent Out A Heartfelt Thank You To Everyone Who Shared Their Post, For Saving The Dog’S Life And Restoring Peace To The Owner’S Soul. It Really Is Incredible To Think That Simply Clicking Share On A Facebook Post Has Had Such A Wonderful Impact On These Doggy And Human Lives. You Can Imagine From The Pictures That The Dog Is Recognizing Her And Saying ‘It’S You Mum! You Found Me! Hey Mum It’S Really You, Hi, Hi Hi!’Lord And His Mum Clearly Have An Amazing Bond. Whenever I Hear Stories Like This I Just Want To Go And Spend Some Quality Time With My Dogs, And Let Them Know They’Re Appreciated!


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