Rude Denial To Allow A Veteran With His Service Dog In Hotel

We Should Have A Soft Corner For The People With Disabilities. As They Deserve To Be Treated With Additional Care And Love. But Sometimes They Face Difficulties Not Because Of Their Disabilities But Due To The Rude Behavior Of Society.Our Today’S Story Will Make You Think About Deserving People In A More Vigilant Way. David Cornelius Is An Old And Disabled Man. But He Became Disabled In The Vietnam War During His Service And Since Then He Is Dependent On A Dog, Juliana For Some Chores.He Faced An Impolite Behavior By The Stay In Hotel Service When He Went There To Spent A Night In Bentonville Hotel. David Thought That The Hotel Was Out Of Rooms. But He Became Upset When Hotel Service Told Him The Actual Reason For Their Denial. As It Was Hotel Policy Not Allow To Keep Any Animal In The Hotel. So He Could Not Stay There.It Was Very Inconsiderate Of Them When They Called The Security Staff And Asked David And His Dog To Leave The Hotel At 3 Am In The Morning. David Tried To Explain That His Dog Was With Him As A Pet But As A Tamed And Service Dog To Assist Him. But They Never Showed Any Courtesy Toward This Old Man. So David Had To Spend The Rest Of The Night With Juliana In The Car.According To American Disabilities Act David Could Take His Service Dog To Assist Him In The Hotel Unless Juliana Becomes Improper In Her Conduct. Or The Dog Becomes A Nuisance For The Other People Staying In The Hotel.Although David Was A Genuine Case Of Disability He Has To Face This Situation Due To The Immature Behavior Of People Who Misuse The Law For Their Convenience. It Was Heartbroken To Know An Old Veteran Thrown Out Of The Hotel Just Because Of His Service Dog.Do You Think That Hotel Management Should Be Apologetic For Their Misbehavior With David?

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