Pit Bull Tied And Drag Behind Truck Till Dog Get Injured.

A Woman Could Not Stand The Horrific Scene When She Saw 1-Year-Old Pit Bull Being Injured Due To The Cruelty Of A Mentally Sick Individual. This Accident Took Place In Hernando County A While Ago. The Dog Was Slopping Around And Try To Catch His Breath While Dragged By The Truck.

That Truck Was Driven By The Dog Owner. The Dog Was Tied Up With His Collar And Poor Dog Get Free From This Tragic Scene When His Rope Shattered With Severe Jerks Because That Truck Was Being Driven At The Rough Surface. Then The Woman Reported About This Brutal Animal Abuse To Nature Coast Animal Wellness & Surgical Center. They Responded Urgently And Took The Badly Bruised And Scrapped Dog, Ollie To The Care Center. Ollie Got Severe Skin Injuries On Over His Body But Fortunately, There Were No Broken Bones. But There Was No Specific Representative Of Ollie In The Surgical Center. So Natives Of That Area Took The Responsibility By Generating Funds To Pay The Hefty Hospital Bill. Almost $4000 Was Collected By People Within No Time.

A 58 Years Old Gregory Tousignant Happened To Be The Owner Of The Dog And Truck. He Disappeared From His Residence When Realized The Severity Of The Situation. There Is Progress Reported By The Local Police Who Have Arrested Gregory. He Had No Driving License And He Denied The Fact That He Has Done Something Cruel To The Dog Deliberately. He Could Not Be Able To Figure Out That His Dog Jumped Out Of The Truck And Suffering From Pain While He Was Driving The Truck.

Anyhow, Police Are Further Investigating This Case. Gregory Is Under Arrest For Being Guilty Of Animal Cruelty And Driving The Vehicle Without Permit License. He Will Spend 270 Days In Jail For His Crime. Do You Think That Gregory Was Unaware That His Dog Was Being Dragged That Day? If Ask Me Gregory Has An Appearance Of Psycho Person And He Did This All Consciously. As He Said That The Dog Was Secure In Bed While The Investigator Found That The Dog Was Being Tied To The Rear Bumper Of The Truck.

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