Kyle Won Medal Of Honor At Age Of 21 But What It Cost Him

As An American, Some Of Us Are Very Knowledgeable About Current Affairs An Might Have Known The Big Names Of Forces. But Everyone Knows About 21 Years Old William Kyle Carpenter. Why He Is Famous And Every American Seems To Love This Guy. Because He Got Lance Corporal Rank At This Sheer Age. But It Was Not Easy To Achieve! Kyle Was Part Of Army Troop, Sent To Afghanistan In 2010. When He Was On His Duty With Other Soldiers, A Grenade Landed Near Their Site. Kyle Has Seen The Grenade And He Decided In A Fraction Of Second What To Do. The Grenade Was About To Explode So He Has To Do Something. He Never Thought Of The Consequences Of His Action And Jumped Over The Grenade To Use His Body As A Shield To Save His Friend, Marine.

This Brave Act Of Kyle Cost Him Countless Injuries After A Devastating Explosion. He Offered Up His Life In Sacrifice So That His Fellow Marine Might Be Spared. His Whole Body Becomes Pierced With The Shrapnel. His Face Became Disfigured As A Part Of His Jaw Has Been Lost And His Skull Bone Shattered From One Side Of His Head. He Was Declared As Dead When He Brought To Camp Bastion. Kyle Has To Go Through More Than 40 Surgeries For Two Years.

But It Was A Miracle Of Kyle To Be With Us Alive. Kyle Shared His Experience About That Particular By A Post And He Named It As #Aliveday. He Said When He Got Fiercely Injured He Was Mentally Aware Of His Surroundings. He Was Bleeding Furiously And Trying To Catch Some Air But His Lungs Collapsed.

He Thought His Story Was About To End So He Remembers God And His Family And Bade Goodbye. But I Am Alive Now And Be Thankful For Every Moment Of This Gift. He Has No Regrets About His Disfigured Face And He Is Proud To Save His Friend