Horse Collapsed On The Road Due To Over Burden In Carolina

Man Has Been Using Horses For A Long Time To Carry Loads Or For Riding Purpose. But We Are Not Supposed To Use These Animals Like Machines And It Is Our Obligation To Take Care Of Them In Return For Their Services. Julie Marie Is An Animal Rights Worker And Always Fulfills Her Duty To Protect Animal Rights. She Always Remains In The Front Line To Raise Her Voice Against Animal Abuse Or Cruelty.

Recently Julie Marie Shared A Video On Social Media In Which A Horse Fell Down With The Carriage Due To Exhaustion And Scorching Sun In South Carolina. The Horse Was Attached With A Heavy Carriage To Take The Tourist For A Ride Through Streets Of Charleston.

The Horse Was Making Painful Noises Because The Carriage Was Too Heavy And Was Overloaded With The Passengers In It. And Besides That, It Was Very Hot On That Day. When The Horse Could Not Bear The Heavyweight It Resulted In The Exhaustion And Horse Collapsed In The Middle Of The Road.

People Gathered Around The Carriage And Were Upset To See An Animal In This Condition. When The Reporter Tried To Talk With Some Of The Witnesses There Some Of Them Could Not Be Able To Hold Their Tears.

Some People Started To Pet The Horse To Feel Any Sign Of Breath In It And It Was A Stroke Of Good Luck That Horse Was Alive But Unable To Move. So They Fetch Some Water For The Horse To Freshen Up For Him And Helped To Unfasten The Horse From The Carriage.

When This Video Shared On Internet People Started To Condemn This Kind Unconcerned Conduct Of Carriage Owner Companies In The City. And They Called It Inhumane To Treat A Horse Like This. But Carriage Company Was Not Apologetic In Their Statements About This Incident. They Said That Although Horse Collapsed On The Road It Never Caused Any Injuries And That Horse Will Be Back On Work After An Examination By A Professional Vet.

Carriage Company Has Charged The Advocate Of The Horse As This Incident Has Created An Environment Of Tension And Messed Up The Position Of Carriage Company.

We Request To The Authorities To Terminate The Horse Carriage Ride During The Summer Season And Resume It In The Winter To At Least Keep The Animals Safe From The Heat.
Should We Use Horse Base Rides After This Incident?

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