You Need To Be Smart To Tell A Lie

Telling A Lie Is An Art. You Need To Be Careful When Trying To Fabricate A False Story. Because You Have To Keep On Repeating Telling Lies To Cover Just One Lie. So It Is Important To Understand That You Cannot Fool Everyone Even When The Facts Are Clear And You Are In No Position To Deny Them.

Today Our Story Is About Those Parents Who Trust Their Children Blindly. And Their Children Try To Fool Them By Considering The Parents As Ignorant Ones. A Worried Mother Brought Her Daughter To The Doctor For A Checkup. Her Daughter Was 18 Years Old Pretty Girl. Her Mother Was Very Upset Due To Her Daughter Being Unwell.Doctor Asked The Reason To Mrs. Jones About Their Visit To The Hospital. Her Mother Told The Doctor That Her Daughter Darla Was Not Feeling Well For The Last Few Days. And Morning Time Was The Most Terrible Time For Her. Darla Started To Gag When She Used To Wake Up Or Smell Anything Strong.When The Doctor Heard This All She Felt Something Fishy About Darla. She Observed The Teenage Intently From Head To Toe. But Never Said A Single Word And Took Darla To The Examination Room. And The Doctor Told The Actual Reason Of Sickness To Her Mother.

The Doctor Felt Hesitation For A While Then She Calmed Down Her Own Nerves To Tell Mrs. Jones That Her Daughter Has Been Pregnant For The Last Four Months.

Mrs. Jones Could Not Be Able To Digest What The Doctor Told Her As She Said That She Was A Very Responsible Mother And Never Left Her Daughter Alone With Any Man. She Turned To Her Daughter And Raised An Eyebrow In A Gesture To Inquire About Her Current State. Darla Refused To Accept Anything And Said That She Could Not Be Pregnant As She Was Not Even Touched By A Man Ever.

When The Doctor Heard All This Rubbish She Got Up From Her Seat And Opened The Window And Started To Stare At The Sky As If She Was Trying To Find Something Up There. Mrs. Jones Waited For A Few Moments As Then Asked What