Woman Rescues Puppies On Their Way To Dog Meat Farm

Many Of Us Like To Eat A Good Roast Dinner. Anything From Pork To Beef; Lamb Or Chicken. However The Thought Of Eating Dog Would, I Imagine, Repulse Us! But There Are Some Cultures In The World That Enjoy Dog Meat And Even Consider It To Be A Delicacy.

In Korea, For Example, Eating Dog Is No Different To Eating A Cow Or A Chicken. There Are Thousands Of Farms Where Puppies Are Fed And Grown Until They Are Considered Ready To Butcher. There Are Some Koreans Though, Who Do Not Agree With The Killing And Eating Of Dogs And Are Trying To Get It Banned. South Korean, Nami Kim, Is An Animal Lover And A Former Teacher. She Spends Her Time Saving Dogs From The Aforementioned Farms And Works Hard To Then Get Them Shut Down. After Rescuing Puppies, Nami Then Seeks To Find Them All Suitable Homes. In Deed Recently She Got In Touch With The Animal Humane Society, In Minnesota, And Managed To Re home All Of The Puppies.

The Animal Humane Society Has Never Transported Animals Internationally Before, So This Was A First For Them. But They Could See That Nami Needed Their Help And Wanted To Do All They Could. It Took Months To Organize The Flights And To Get The Puppies Medically Clear So That They Could Leave The Country To Enter America.

The Funding For This Came From Another Organisation, Pilots N Paws, Who Also Rescue Animals By Flying Them Out To A Safe Place. They Survive By Receiving Donations From The Public. Finally The Puppies Were Flown To Chicago And Then Driven Across To Minnesota With Volunteer Support. The Whole Operation Took Lots Of Money And Organizing But Was Worth Every Penny And Moment Of Time.

The Animal Humane Society Went Public When They Announced That The Puppies Were Up For Adoption And The Response They Received Was Overwhelming! There Were 10 Puppies In Total Which Were Named; Honey, Rosie, Tommy, Tannie, Bliss, Tora, Charlie, Tucson, Mark And Leo. People Couldn’t Wait To Meet Them As Pictures Of Them Were Circulated.On The Day That The Puppies Were Available To View, Every Single One Had Been Found A Home Within 1 Hour. 1 Lady Had Been Queuing Since .30Am To Ensure That She Could Give A Puppy A Home It Deserved. People Just Wanted To Participate And Help The Puppies That Nami Had Been Able To Rescue. Sadly, Many More Like Them May Never Be Rescued, As The Cost And Time Involved Is So Great.

Members Of The Humane Society Described Nami Kim As A True Hero And A Remarkable Woman. It Is Hoped That Many Other South Koreans Will Step Up And Help Rescue More Puppies Like These From Their Terrible Fate, Then Maybe The Culture On Korea Will Begin To Change And There Will Be An End To Puppy Farming.


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