Now Anyone Can Own A 3D House In Just $4000

If You Are One Of The 150 Million Homeless People, Then Hang On For A Few More Years To Be Rewarded. All You Need To Have $4000 To Build Your Own House. Half Of The Population Of The World Is Enforced To Live In Insufficient Conditions.

An Austin Company Named Icon Has Started A Venture With New Story Organization. They Came Up With The Idea Of Building A 3D House In An Innovative Way. They Showcased Their Idea In 2018 At South By Southwest Conference Held In Austin. The Unique Feature Of Their Idea Was To Build A House With The Help Of A Gigantic 3D Printer Called Vulcan. This Printer Will Allow Them To Build A Fully Permitted 3D Home In Just One Day. Vulcan Works Like Any Other Printer But It Uses Actual Mortar Instead Of Ink And Will Print The Walls Of The Home Layer By Layer. It Will Take 12 Hours To Complete The Roof, Walls, And Floor Of The House. And After That, The Worker Will Complete The Sanitary, Plumbing, And Electrical Fixtures. It Cost $10,000 To Develop The Blueprint Of This Concept But Hopefully, They Will Cut Down The Price When They Will Start Building The House Commercially.

Ideal 3D House Is 650-Square Foot Home, Best For A Small Family. It Has Been Designed Carefully By Featuring Proper Ventilation And 2 Sided Patio With The Outside Wall Of The House. It Has A Sitting Room Adequate For A Couple With An Adjoining Cozy Office. The Living Room Is Big Enough To Relax And Watch Tv. Last But Not Least, It Has A Tiny Bathroom With All The Necessary Fixtures In It.In 2019, They Will Build 100 More Houses With Different Architecture And Then Start To Sell The Patent Of The Idea Commercially Form America. 3D House Is The Future Of Construction As It Creates Minimum Waste To Cut Down The Budget And Save Time. Recently China And Netherlands Are Working On The Same Basic Idea Of Using 3D Art For Construction Purpose.

We Hope That This Idea Will Become More Practical And Affordable For All The Homeless People. Did You Know About 3D House Building Before Reading This Article?

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