Dolphin Shocks Boaters, Dog Gets More Than He Bargained For!

Dolphins Are Wonderful Creatures, Mysterious And Majestic, Everybody’S Favorite Sea Creature! In This Story, We See One Particular Dolphin Do Something Remarkable Which Really Takes Everybody By Surprise, Especially The Dogs!

I Often Find Myself Succumbing To The Temptation To Think Of Animals As More Human That They Actually Are. They Are Wildly Different To Us, How Can We Even Have An Inkling How They Think? And We See Them Doing Things Which Look Kind Of…Human! And Think We Understand. Are We Right?

What Is Going On Here? It Was The Wonderful Sir David Attenborough Who Said ‘We Might Never Be Able To Understand How Animals Think, Or Why They Do What They Do.’ But Sometimes, It’S Just Hard Not To Take Something On Face Value Isn’t It?

In This Wonderful Moment Captured On Camera This One Particular Dolphin Takes Everybody By Surprise, First Of All Leaping Out Of The Water In An Amazing Display Of Oceanic Acrobatics And Then, Get This, It Goes And Introduces Itself To The Canine Crew, And Give Sone Of Them A Kiss! What An Incredible Moment From This Wild And Mysterious Creature Of The Deep, Taking A Moment Out Of It’S Underwater Life To Visit Out World.

I Find This Kind Of Cross Species Relationship Extraordinary. What Is Also Noticeable Here Is That Dogs And Dolphins Are Both Known To Be Very Intelligent Creatures, So Do They Understand Each Other?Are Actually Greeting One-Another? Could That Really Be A Sign Of Friendship Or Even Affection? Maybe That’S Taking It Too Far I Don’T Know, But One Thing I Am Starting To Believe As I Get Older Is That We Underestimate Animals.

Dolphin Brains Don’T Look Anything Like Human Brains, So Why Would They Work The Same? A Dolphin ‘Thought’ May Be As Alien To Us As Anything From A Sci-Fi Film, And Yet They Do Seem To Share Certain Characteristics, Especially Socially.

What Do You Think, What’S Going On Here? Can We Really Relate To It In The Way We Might Be Tempted Too? Or Are These Creatures So Different From Us That We Could Never Really Understand What’S Going On?

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