Story Of A 4 Years Old Model With Down Syndrome

40 Years Stuart And 42 Years Old Kristy Baxter Looks Like A Perfect Couple. When They Thought To Start About Having A Family It Was Quite Late. Since From Medical Point Of View When A Woman Reached To Their Late Thirties, There Are High Chances Of Complications During Pregnancy Or Child May Born With Some Abnormalities.

Tragically Kristy Lost His First Child During Her Early Pregnancy In 2013. When She Got Pregnant Again She Hoped To Have Their Child Safe And Sound. At Last Riley Was Born And Completes Their Family. But Soon They Found That Their Son Was Born With Down Syndrome.As They Got This News They Become So Depressed That Stuart Could Not Hold His Tears Back And Cried For His Son. Because He Loves Riley Very Much And Cannot Bear To See Him Bullied For His Shortcoming. As He Knew That The World Has An Unkind Perception Of Kids With Deficiencies.

But Luckily, Everything Seems To Be In Place After Then In Riley Case. All Fears About Their Son Being Bullied Vanished With The Passage Of Time. Now Riley Is 4 Years Old And He Is A Model! Yes, You Heard It Right. Riley Has Become Popular Due To His Cute Smile And Named As