Woman Tortures Puppy, Posts Pics Saying She Can’T Afford Vet!

This Is The Story Of Shadow, A Gorgeous Lab-German Shepherd Cross, Who Was Brutally Tortured For Days Before Finally Being Rescued. If You’Re Anything Like Me You’Ll Be Wondering, ‘Do I Really Want To Hear This Story?’ But There’S Nothing In The World That Prompts My Own Love And Care Of Innocent And Helpless Animals Than Hearing About Stories Like This. So, While This Is Truly Horrific, Let’S Hope That Like Us, It Will Inspire You To Feel The Love And Responsibility We Have Towards The Creatures We Share Our Planet With, And To Share This Story With Friends. And Of Course, There Is A Happy Ending!

His Previous Owner, A Young Woman From Murray, Utah, Admitted To Tying A Hair Tie Around Poor Shadow’S Muzzle To Keep Her Quiet. It Has Left Her With The Most Awful And Crippling Scars, And Unable To Eat Because Of The Hole In Her Cheek. She Told Police That She Left The Hair Tie On For 48 Hours, But Vets Believe It May Have Been Much Longer, Even Up To Two Weeks.

The Poor, Innocent Creature Really Is Shockingly Disfigured. The Fact Is, The Idea Of A Puppy Can Seem Like So Much Fun, But They Are Hard Work! The Bark, They Are Demanding, They Make Mess, They Chew Furniture, They Spend The First Year Or Two Of Life Just Learning How To Dog! It’S A Massive Responsibility, And One Which Should Be Taken Very Seriously Indeed. Nobody Should Ever Take On A Puppy Unless They Are Patient, Committed And Loving People. It Takes Maturity And Stability. It’S Plain To See That Shadow’S Previous Owner Should Never Have Even Considered Taking Responsibility For A Young Doggy Life.

Brazenly, This Young Woman Went On To Social Media Posting Pictures Of The Poor Dog’S Horrific Facial Injuries, Demanding That Nobody ‘Bash’ Her For It Or They Would Be Blocked! She Stated That The Dog ‘Got Hurt’, Taking No Responsibility For It There And Then, And Simply Stating That She Had No Money For ‘Stitches’ And So She Was Looking For Somebody To Take The Dog Off Her Hands. Fortunately, This Level Of Irresponsibility And Cruelty Doesn’t Seem To Run In The Family. A Cousin And Her Foster Mum Saw The Post, And Went And Collected The Dog, Took Her Straight To The Vets And Called The Police.

The Celestial Zoo Pet Project Has Taken Shadow In, And Looked After Her Immediate Medical Needs. She Is Unable To Eat Properly Until She Has Some Surgery, But, Thankfully, She Is Expected To Make A Full Recovery. After Everything She’S Been Through, The Poorly Pup Is Loving Life, And Is Being Showered With Affection And Attention In Her New Foster Home. Meanwhile, The Previous Owner Has Been Charged With The Felony Of Torturing A Companion Animal. We’Re Not Interested In Naming And Shaming This Woman, I Sincerely Hope She Faces The Grim Reality Of What She’S Done And Gets On With Some Serious Growing Up. She Needs To Take A Long Hard Look In The Mirror, And Figure Out How She Could Have Gone So Badly Wrong.



In The Meantime, We Hope Shadow Goes On To Live A Long And Happy Life With Somebody Who Deserves To Share Their Home With This Lovely Dog. Share This With Your Friends And Family.