This Picture Of Collapsed Donkey Is Heart Breaking

Man Has Been Using Different Animals To Carry Heavy Weight Since Very Old Times. But In Few Parts Of The World People Violate Animal Right Without Any Fear. Because There Are No Rescue Companies To Raise Voice For These Neglected Animals And Treated With Cruelty.The Point Is To Share This Story That If You Take Services From An Animal At Least To Consider Their Food And Rest. And If They Use Horses Or Donkeys To Carry Heavy Loads, Please Avoid To Overload Them. In Valparaiso, A Donkey Could Not Stand The Heavy Load At His Back And He Collapsed Upside Down In The Steep Streets. It Seems Like He Was Forced To Climbs Up The Steep Pathway With A Heavy Backpack And Fell On His Back. Owner Of The Donkey Left It Alone To Struggle Until A Passerby Came To Rescue The Poor Animal.

Load On His Back Was Four Or Five Times More Than His Own Weight. People For The Area Told The Authorities About Animal Rights Violation And Observing This Kind Of Activities Regularly. Owners Of Donkeys Never Bother To Proper Care Their Animals And Forcefully Make Them Carry Heavy Loads. Sometimes They Used To Whip These Animals To Tame The Animals.

When This Picture Of A Collapsed Donkey Was Shared On Social Media, People From Different Parts Of The World Highly Condemn This Act Of Animal Abuse. And They Started A Campaign On Different Platforms At Social Media. And At Last Governor Of Valparaiso Reacted On This Image And Made Remarks About Animal Abuse.

She Said That This Was Tragic To See An Animal In Such A Wretched Situation. And She Asked The People Of That Area To Help The Police In Finding The Perpetrator. She Assured To Play Her Part To Do Justice With The Animal Abuser.

Please Share This Story And Play Your Part To Raise The Voice For Animal Rights In Our Society.