Should The Owner Of This Dog Allow To Keep The Pet?

It Has Been A Common Practice To Leash Dogs To Keep Them From Any Unwanted Outbreak To The Strangers. But Still, Owners Of Dogs Allow Dogs To Move, Sit Or Eat With Ease. After All, Dogs Are Kept At Home For Safety Purpose Or As A Pet So Keeping Any Pet Means That You Are Taking Complete Responsibility Of That Animal. But There Are Few People Who Never Bother To Comfort Their Pet Instead Quite Contrary They Torture Them For No Reason.

A Dog In Mexico Is Being Abused By His Owner Who Tied His Dog With An Awfully Short Leash. This Dog Was In Trouble And Was Constant In Pain. As This Dog Tied Outside The House So A Person From Neighbors Contacted The Owner And Tried To Help The Dog. His String Was So Tight That Poor Dog Could Not Be Able To Put His Front Limbs On The Ground Or Sit Appropriately. But The Owner Never Showed Any Consideration Toward His Dog By Saying That His Dog Was Doing Well And Has No Problem With This Tight Leash.

Then Guy From The Neighbor Decided To Expose The Owner Cruelty To The Outside World By Taking Pictures Of The Dog And Shared Them On The Internet. Although He Got A Tremendous Response From Social Media. But Still, This Dog Is In The Same Condition. We Are Wondering If There Are No Rescue Companies In Mexico To Help This Dog. Just One Look At The Shared Picture Of This Dog Depicting The Pain And Trouble The Way The Dog Is Trying To Stand With His Tongue Out With Thirst. This Is Really Very Awful!

This Is So Sad To See Any Living Creature To Tie Up As Callously. Why People Have Become So Heartless To See Any Living Creature And Leave The Matter Unsolved. We Request Authorities To Take This Dog Away For The Unkind Owner And Charge Him With A Hefty Fine For Being Guilty Of Animal Abuse.
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