Narcotics Officer Nasty Behavior with His K-9

Police are supposed to keep the citizens safe from crimes and protect them against any offensive activity.

Usually, people used to feel at ease with police rescue if they get trapped in any unwanted situation. But what if you these protectors start to behave like ruthless monsters with the helpless animals. Picture’s went viral of an officer who was beating his K-9 dog with a leash and dragging and hanging its dog form his collar in the air for no reason. This video was captured by a local when this officer got a call to search a car for drugs. So the officer was accompanied by his K-9 dog for assistance.

After completing his liability, suddenly he tugged his dog from his collar and keep the dog hang in the air for a few instances as if the poor dog could not be able to breathe. Then he started to beat K-9 with the leash.

As you watch this video you will realize that the dog was not responding aggressively against this cruelty. So we can assume that this anonymous officer must beat his dog frequently and as a result dog has become used to this reckless conduct.

This officer belongs to Hammond police, Indiana, USA and people from around the world condemning against this act of cruelty. Because he was whipping his dog for no reason and why the hell he was trying to scuff the dog. After facing harsh criticism Hammond police took notice of this incident and started investigating about the officer. They have exiled the K-9 from the custody of the officer. Department has suspended the officer and send him of leave until they resolve this matter properly.