Woman Throws 11 Pets On The Road & Drives Off, Will Face Fine & Jail Time If Found

We Have Observed Hundreds Of Cases About The Heat Touching Stories Of Those People Who Adopt Any Injured Or Stray Animals. And Take The Responsibility Of Those Animals. But Recently A Woman From Florida Did Quite A Strange Act Which Was Beyond Understanding. A CCTV Footage Has Exposed An Unknown Lady Who Throws 11 Pets Out Of Her Car. She Left Them In The Middle Of The Road Without Considering Them. Those Pets Include 10 Cats And One Dog. How Could She Dare To Leave Those Innocent Animals Helpless On The Road? There Were Chances Of Being Crumpled By Any Heavy Vehicle But Without Any Second Thought, She Roared The Engine Of Her Car And Left. After Being Telecast Of This Footage An Animal Shelter Rescue By The Name Of C.A.R.E Approach The Authorities And Told Them About This Case. They Said A Woman Called The Rescue Team To Give Up On Her Pets But At That Time The Shelter Had Not Enough Space To Keep 11 Pets. So She Just Left Them On The Road.

Wildlife And Different Animal Rights Agencies Are In Search Of This Heartless Lady Because She Is Definitely Guilty Of Animal Cruelty. If She Gets Caught, The Court Will Charge Her Heavy Fine.
These Kinds Of Merciless People Should Not Be Allowed To Keep Animals. I Just Don