Stunning White Tiger Cubs, Rarest Kitties In The World!

The Rarest Little Big Cats In The World, We Are Happy To Introduce Yeti, Odlin, Sampson, And Apolo, Ready To Steal Your Heart! These Adorable Little Creatures Are Hybrids, A Cross Between A Lion And A Tiger Called, Wait For It, A Liger! For Real! It Might Be A Silly Name But This Is Some Serious Pussy Cat.

As You Might Expect, Lions And Tigers Don’T Breed Naturally In The Wild, These Particular Big Cats Are Only Found In Captive Breeding Programs. Does That Raise Issues Of Ethics For You?

Let Us Know What You Think In The Comments. Are These Unnatural And Shouldn’t Exist? Or Does Their Sheer Beauty Justify The Work Don’T To Bring Them Into The World?

These Beautiful Babies Are The Offspring Of A White Lion Called Ivory, And A White Tiger Called Saraswati. White Lions And Tigers Are Themselves Incredibly Rare.

There Are Just 300 White Lions And 1200 White Tigers In The World. It Is Believed That These Amazing Creatures Are In Fact The Only White Ligers On The Planet. A Rare Thing Indeed!

The Family And Cubs Live A The T.I.G.E.R Sanctuary At Myrtle Beach In California, Which Is Also Home To Another World Record Holder, Their White Tiger Hercules, Who At Whopping 922 Pounds Is The Biggest Cat In The World. Despite Being A Huge A Fearsome Beast, He Is Apparently Quite Tame And Gentle, And Loves Playing With His New Nephews.

I Don’T Know About You But I’D Think Twice Before Tickling His Tummy! All To Often You Hear About Owners Being Mauled, They Can Be Unpredictable! I Know From Having My Own Little Cats That If You Get Their Backs Up With One Wrong Tickle They Can Flip Out Into Scratching And Biting. Scale That Up To 922 Pounds And You’Re In Big Trouble!

Dr Antle, The Founder Of The Sanctuary Says That They’Re Gaing About One Pound Per Day. He Told The Daily Mail ‘They’Re Growing So Fast, It’S Like Somebody’S Blowing Them Up With A Big Balloon! Looking At These Adorable Little Cubs It’S Hard To Imagine That One Day They Will Be 750 Pounds, Or More! They All Have Unique Personalities, And Combine Some Of The Traits Of Lions And Tigers.

For Example, Like Tigers, They Enjoy A Nice Swim, But They Are Also Very Social, More Like Lions.

Yeti Is The Biggest Of The Four, And Very Boisterous And Energetic. Dr. Antle Think She May Even End Up Bigger Than His Uncle Hercules! Wouldn’t That Be Something?

So What Do You Think? Is Their Beauty A Good Enough Reason For Them To Be Bread? Or Is It Wrong To Mess With Nature When We Should Be Concentrating On Saving The Animals We Already Have? I Think They’Re Wonderful, But We’D Love To Know What You Think.

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