British Schoolgirl With Down Syndrome, Establishes A Modelling Career With Disney And Cbeebies!

Life Can Be Hard For People With Learning Difficulties, To Be Seen As Equals And As Good As The Rest Of Us. This Can Often Lead To Mental Health Issues Like Depression, Or Poor Self-Esteem And Lack Of Confidence. Down Syndrome Happens To Around 1 In 700 Infants That Are Born, And It Affects The Body As Well As The Brain. It Is A Genetic Disorder That Associated With Physical Delays In Growth As Well As Mild To Moderate Intellectual Disabilities. Symptoms Can Include, Eyes That Slant Down On The Outer Edges, A Limpness At Birth, A Flat Head At The Back And A Small Mouth.
Tests During Pregnancy Can Uncover Down Syndrome, But They Are Not 100% Accurate, And The Tests Are Not Compulsory.
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