Teens Beat Tiny Dog & Feed Him Drugs, Then Set Him On Fire & Dump Him In Trash

Chihuahua Breed Of Dogs Is Only Meant To Be Loved. Everyone Fell In Love At First Sight To This Little Playful Creature. But There Are Some People Who Are Not Worthy To Be Called Humans. As A Group Of Teenagers Find Their Source Of Fun To Torture A Small Dog And Tried To Burn Killed It.

As The Devil Got On The Nerves Of Those Young Boys Under The Age Of 16, They Hit Upon A Plan To Steal The Dog Form Their Neighborhood. After Kidnapping Chihuahua Named Chunky, They Took Some Drug To Make As Start The Fun Their Brutal Entertainment. As Whatever They Were About The Do With Chunky Can Never Be Done By Staying In Senses. They Also Tried To Feed Some Drug To The Dog.
Then They Started To Kick And Punch The Dog One By One And Beat The Dog Until They Broke His Leg And Neck. They Keep On Bashing The Puppy For Several Hours. When The Boys Felt That Dog Got Unconscious They Used An Aerosol Spray To Burn The Dog.

They Thought As If Chunky Got Dead So They Dumped Him In A Trash Box. When The Boys Left The Place, A Passerby Suspected Something Unusual And Found The Dog In Such A Terrible Condition. He Immediately Called The Rescue Team Who Took Chunky To The Hospital Because The Dog Was Still Alive. The Dog Spent 6 Days At The Hospital Crying With Pain. His Eyes Got Effected The Most By The Fire. God Knows How That Little Puppy Bears That Agonizing Pain.

For Few Days Chunky Was So Frightened To Get Close To Any Human. But With Love And Care, His Owner Won His Confidence. And Chunky Felt Safe To Be With The Family He Used To Live Before That Incident.

Those Teenagers Have Faced The Jury And Were Supplicated Guilty To Animal Cruelty. Three Of Them Fined About 35000