Science Confirms: Talking To Yourself Is A Sign Of High Intelligence

Childhood Is All About Innocence. Where There Is No Responsibility Or No Bitterness In Practical Life. We Might Have Seen Many Children Use To Do Self-Talk They Play With Their Toys.

They Talk To Themselves And Keep On Changing The Character Of Their Stuff Toys. But As Time Pass Childhood Changes Into A Wise Grown-Up Person. And Childhood Self-Talk Becomes A Forgotten Story. We Start To Spend Life In More Organized Way.

But We Are At High Adrenaline Like When We Feel Excited, Depressed Or Happy. We Start To Talk To Ourselves To Share Our Fear Or Happiness With Own Self. And This Does Not Happen In Our Mind We Use To Speak Loudly To Voice Our Thoughts.

This Is Not Novel Or Abnormal At All. Many Times I Have Found Myself Involved In The Same Activity.

Like, Keep On Interrogating And Answering In The Head For In Lonely Time Or Especially At Bedtime.

Recent Researches Say That Self-Talk Is A Sign Of Intelligence. In 2011, A Survey Was Conducted And 2 Groups Of 20 Participants Were Asked To Have Their Opinion About A Few Articles In A Market.

One Group Was Supposed To Think Loudly And The Second One Had To Look Silently At The Items. And The Result Showed That Self-Talking The Group Had Visibly Better Memorizing About The Seen Articles.

It Is Easy To Remember Verbal Instructions. And A Reputed Psychologist Polama Mari-Beffa Said That Self-Talk Can Make Your Efficiency Of Work Better.


So If You Talk To Yourself, Do Not Feel Embarrassed. Because You Are Your Genuine Listener And There Is No Fear To Expose Your Secrets To Anyone. So, Congratulations! Being A Self-Talker You Are An Intelligent Person.