WW2 And Korean War Vet Celebrates 100Th Birthday, And Carries On Being A Hero!

Most Of Us Would Like To See Ourselves On Our Hundredth Birthday Healthy And Happy, Surrounded By Family And Friends, Still Leading An Active And Fulfilling Life. This Is The Fascinating Story Of One Such Man, Thomas E. Gwyn, Who By All Accounts, Is A Walking Miracle By Even Being Alive At All! Thomas E. Gwyn Is A Veteran Of Two Terrible Wars, WW-II And The Korean War. And As If That Wasn’t Enough, He Was A Prisoner Of War Twice, And Escaped Both Times! You Couldn’t Make This Stuff Up. Thomas E. Gwyn’s Story Is Like Something Out Of A Boys Adventure Annual From The Good Old Days, And It’S Incredible To Think That These Hero’s Still Walk Among Us. Let’S Make Sure We Still Remember Them And Show Them The Honor And Respect They Deserve While They Are Still With Us.

Looking Back, He Remembered How Different His Birthday Was Back In 1944, As He Took Part In The D-Day Landings. Accurate Figures Are Hard To Come By But Around 2,500 Us Troops Lost Their Lives In That Battle, It’S Estimated That 2,500 Also Fought And Died, As Well As Many Other Allied Men, Not To Mention The Enemy. It Was A Terrible Time In Our Planet’S And Our Country’S History To Be Sure.

It Was A Living Nightmare On Those Beaches, And As Somebody Who Has Had More Than A Passing Interest In The Events Of WW-II Over The Years It’S Not Surprising That All These Years Later Gwyn Still Has Nightmares. It’S Also Not Surprising That A Lot Of Young Men Came Home Changed. I’ve Occasionally Inquired After My Own Grandfather, Who Died When I Was Just 3 Years Old, As I Knew He Was A Squadron Leader In The Air Force. All I Could Really Discover Was That He Never Really Spoke Of It, I Can Only Assume It Was Too Terrible To Think Of And To Re-Live. But That D-Day Landing Wasn’t The End For Gwyn, He Went On To Fight In Korea Too, Which Is Extraordinary In Itself.

Speaking To News 2 He Said That He Was In The Sixth Wave To Hit The Beach. Looking Back At The Incredible Film Footage Of Those Battles It’S Amazing To Think Of The Courage That Those Men, Terrified As They Must Have Been, Had To Step Out Anyway, In Spite Of Their Fears And Fight The Awful Enemy Who Simply Had To Be Stopped. He Is Evidently A Devout Ch ristian, And Explains That He Was Praying As He Went Into Battle. Two Times He Prayed, ‘Jesus, Walk With Me.’ ‘Jesus, Walk With Me.’ He Didn’t Seem To Hear An Answer. The Third Time He Prayed Again, ‘Jesus, Walk With Me.’ And He Finally Got The Reply Which Gave Him The Comfort And Courage To Continue: ‘No, You Walk With Me.’

It’S Hard To Believe That A Man Who Has Seen Such Horror, And Been Injured At Least 24 Times During Two Terrible Wars Can Still Live At 100 Years Old With Such Warmth And Tenderness In His Heart, Because Amazingly, While The Community Should Taking Care Of And Supporting Thomas E. Gwyn, He Is Still Today Going Grocery Shopping For Food To Give To The Homeless! You Are An Inspiration To Us All! Sadly, Gwyn Lost His Wife Ten Years Ago. His Daughter Is All Grown Up, And Is Now An Old Lady Herself, Currently Living In A Nursing Home. When He Was Asked How It Was Possible That He Could Have Survived So Much, Through Two Terrible Wars, Countless Terrifying Battles, Being Captured Twice And Escaping Twice, Gwyn Once Again Leaned On His Christian Faith, Quoting From Scripture: