Why Is This Janitor Dressed As Nurse? Answer Shocks Community!

It’S Time For A Proper Feel-Good Story, Something About A Bit Of Real No-Nonsense Grit And Determination, Something To Give You A Bit Of Hope In This World And Make You Feel Proud Of Your Country. If You’Re A Regular Visitor Here You’Ve Probably Heard Me Say This Before But It’S So True, If We Watch The News Nowadays It’S All Doom And Gloom, And Leaves Us Feeling That The World Is In Such A Terrible, Irreversible Mess! But We Really Need To Remember That There Are People All Over The Place Making A Real Difference, Living Their Lives To Help Make The World That Bit Better, And When I Hear Stories Like This I Just Want To Thank Them.

I Would Just Love To Have Seen The Faces Of Some Of The Colleagues Of The Awesome Guy In This Story When They Walked In A Saw Him Dressed As A Nurse And Said, ‘Wait A Minute Buddy, Aren’T You The Janitor?’ And That’S The Amazing Thing Right There, He Was The Janitor, At The Very Same Institution Where He Is Now A Fully Qualified Nurse.

I Think This Guy Could Be An Example To Us All, Because This Wasn’T All About Social Climbing, More Money Or Even Bettering Himself, This Guys Motivation Came From Being Inspired By The Amazing Level Of Genuine Professional Care He Saw In The Team Of Excellent Medical Staff He Saw Around Him When He Was A Janitor, And He’ Wanted In!

Frank Baez Started Out As A Teenager In New Yorks University’S Langone Tisch Hospital Working As A Janitor, Cleaning Up After Other People’S Messes, Patients’ Rooms, Mopping Corridors And So On. If You Ask Me, That’S Pretty Noble Work. I Have The Deepest Respect For The People Who Spend Their Lives Doing What Most Of Us Perceive As Pretty Lowly Work, But These Hard-Working, Humble People Certainly Have My Respect Because Seriously, What Would We Do Without Them? So It Wasn’T A Sense Of Ingratitude Or Pride That Made Frank Baez Want To Move On, And That’S The Most Touching Part Of This Story For Me. He Didn’T Mind Hard Work, He’S The Kind Of Guy Who Was Ready And Willing To Just Knuckle Down To Some Hard Graft To Help Bring Home The Bacon For His Family. Brother, We’Re Already On Your Team! But What Actually Made Baez Want To Move On Was Something Much Better I Think, A Heart That Was Inspired And Motivated By The Love A Care He Saw In The Nursing And Medical Staff Around Him.

Baez Moved From The Dominican Republic To The Usa With His Mom When He Was Just 15, And Quickly Felt The Responsibility To Help Out Where He Could. He Said ‘I Could Barely Speak Any English When I First Arrived. I Am Very Proud Of What I Have Accomplished.’ So, What Did He Accomplish? Well His Story Isn’T Even Finished Yet! While Working As A Janitor, He Watched The Nurses And Quickly Realised He Wanted To Be One Of Them. He Said “While Working [At Nyu] With The Nurses, I Realized I Wanted To Be One Of Them, I Learned How Much They Advocate For Their Patients And The Passion They Have For Their Job.” That’S When He Made His First Step Towards His Medical Career. He Applied For A Job As A Patient Transporter. It Was His Responsibility To Take Patients To And From Different Rooms, Surgeries Etc. A Small Step You Might Think, But One In The Right Direction. It Was The First Point At Which It Was His Job To Directly Have Contact With Patients In Specific Relation To Their Medical Care, A Bold Step From Janitor Towards Medicine, Just The Sort Of Thing Which Looks Great On You Cv When You Apply To College, Which Is Exactly What He Did. For Much Of The Time When He Was Working On His Bachelor’S Degree He Was Also Still Working At The Hospital, Eventually Finishing Work For A Period To Make Sure He Passed His Degree. Which He Did! Congratulations Frank, For Becoming The First Person In Your Family Ever To Gain A Degree!

He Was Studying A Short Distance Away, But Always Knew He Wanted To Return To Nyu. He Was Encouraged By Some Of The Nurses That He Worked With To Go Into Nursing After His Degree, So He Applied To The Rory Meyers College Of Nursing And Entered The Accelerated Program, An Intense 15 Month Course After Which He Would Be Fully Qualified As A Nurse! Director Of Simulation Learning Natalya Pasklinsky, Said “Our Program Is Extremely Rigorous, But Frank Didn