Hilarious, Will These Three Lads Live After Wild Night Out?

Everybody Loves A Bit Of A Giggle Right? So Many Studies Have Been Done About What Actually Makes Us Laugh, It’S Really Difficult To Figure It Out. Some Jokes Work, Some Don’T. Some Comedians Are Funny, Some Aren’t! What’S The Magic Formula? I’M Not Even Sure If There Is One. Except For One Sure Thing: The Funny Part Is Always Unexpected. Think About It! I’Ll Bet You Any Joke You’ve Ever Laughed At, Any Bit Of Slapstick Or Any Time You Watched Your Mate Do Something Hilarious, It Was Always, In Some Way Or Another, The Unexpected Which Made It Funny! If You’ve Never Thought Of That Before Keep It In Mind Next Time You Find Yourself Laughing At Something, It’S Quite Revealing! One Thing I Do Know Is That When I Heard This, I Thought It Was Funny, Simple As That, So I’M Sharing It With You. I Think Sometimes, If There Is A Formula, The Funniest Jokes For Me Are The Ones Which Get Told Like They’Re A True Story, And It’S Not Until The Punchline You Realize Somebody’S Been Having You On!

This One Is A Bit Like That, If You’Re Going To Tell This One To Your Mates You Could Easily Tell It Like It’S A True Story. Honestly, Who Knows? Maybe It Is? These Things Have To Have Their Roots Somewhere!Many True Things Are Said In Jest As The Old Saying Goes! Right So You Want To Pinch This Joke You Have Two Choices, Tell It The Way I Tell It Below, Or Just Make Sure You Share This With Your Friends And Family Online At The End. Either Way, You’Re Sure Of A Giggle.

So Here Goes: I Was On Holiday In Mexico Last Year, Sitting In The Sunshine By The Beach Enjoying A Cafe Manchado In A Local Cafe When This Guy Comes In Dressed In Some Sort Of Rough Blue Uniform, I’M Guessing At The Time He Looks Like A Prison Guard Or Something. Now It’S Only 11 Am But This Guy Looks Like He’S Been Up All Night, He’S Obviously Carrying The Weight Of The World On His Shoulders As He Goes Up To The Counter And Orders Himself A Large Tequila. He Downs It In One, Orders Another, And Does The Same Thing Again. I’M Sitting There Thinking ‘Woah, Don’T Make Eye Contact, There’S Some Dark Stuff Going On In This Guys Life, Talk About Carrying Baggage, You Can Almost See It On Him!’ He Orders A Third Tequila And Turns Around To Look For A Seat. I Shift In My Chair And Turn Away, Trying To Make Myself Invisible And, Looking Around, Much To My Dismay I Realize That I Am Sitting Next To The Only Empty Seat In The Whole Cafe.

He Looks Straight At Me And Asks, In A Strong Mexican Accent ‘May I Sit’? Sorry, My Mexican Accent Is Terrible. That’S When I Had To Catch Myself A Little, This Guy Looks Like He’S In A Bad Way, And As Somebody Who Tries To Be A Decent Christian I Think To Myself ‘This Is Somebody In Need, Ok, Maybe God Has Brought Him To This Place And Maybe He Just Needs A Friend.’ So I Stop Thinking About Myself And My Holiday And Try To Get Into ‘Good Neighbor’ Mode. The Guy Sits Down And I Say To Him ‘My Name’S Joe.’ And Before I Get The Chance To Even Catch The Guys Name He Unburdens His Woes On Me Like He Just Can’T Carry It Anymore. He Explains That There Had Been Three Killings In The Town The Night Before, And They’Re Not Even Sure They Caught The Right Guys. Three Young Men Were Brought Into The Cells Immediately After The Murders, American Boys, All Off Their Skulls After Drinking Strong Mexican Liquor. They Clearly Weren’t Used To It And Barely Even Knew Where They Were. He Explained To Me That His Boss, A Guy Not Exactly Known For High-Quality Police Detective Work Had Spent Little More Than Half An Hour Interrogating Them Before Getting Their So-Called ‘Confession.’

I Said To Him That Surely When Lawyers Got Involved They Would See Through That? That The Lads Were Intoxicated And Didn’t Know What They Were Saying? But The Guard, Who Had Now Told Me His Name: Juan, Explained That Justice Worked A Bit Quicker Than That Round Here. The Boys Had Already Been Sentenced To Death, That Very Morning. I Sat There, Vowing To Be Extra Careful About What I Drank While In Town, As Juan Carried On. He Told Me How The Three Boys Had Woken Up In The Cells In A Terrible State, With No Memory At All Of What Had Happened The Night Before, Only To Be Told They Were Guilty Of A Murder They Had No Memory Of, And That They Were Being Taken Immediately To The Electric Chair. Well, You Can Imagine The Scenes, Juan Said There Was Nothing He Could Do, He Was Just Pleading With The Boys, Asking If There Was Anything At All That They Could Remember, Or Anything They Could Say Which Might Save Them. Juan Said He Felt In His Heart That The Boys Were Innocent, But There Was Nothing He Could Do To Save Them. I Began To Understand Why Poor Juan Was Drowning His Sorrows, As The Awfulness Of His Situation And What He’D Experienced Began To Unfold.

The Three Boys Were Brought Into A Dirty Room With An Electric Chair, And Faced The Grim Reality Of Their Situation. Again Juan Begged Them, If You Can Just Help Us, We Can Help You, Is There Anything You Would Like To Say? The First Boy To Face The Chair, James, Fell To His Knees And Prayed. ‘Father God, I Am You’Re Faithful Servant. I Am So Sorry For My Awful Behavior Last Night, But I Have Just Finished My Degree In Divinity And Planned To Spend My Life Serving You. Dear Lord Jesus, If I Am Innocent Of This Crime, I Beg That You Would Protect Me.’ They Strapped Him In The Chair, Flicked The Switch, And The Miracle Occurred, Now Although The Power Often Goes Off In The Town We Knew It Was On That Day, But The Boy Just Sat There Unharmed. Juan Said ‘My Boss Is A Fearful Man Deep-Down, He Fell To His Knees And Begged Forgiveness, And Let The Boy Go. Then It Was The Second Boy’S Turn. His Name Was Al, And Once Again I Begged Him, Said Juan, To Tell Us Anything, Anything That Could Help Us. Help Us, And We’Ll Help You, I Said. Juan Explained That Poor Al Seemed To Be In Some Sort Of Denial, He Couldn’t Believe That An Innocent Person Would Be Put To Death.


He Was Shouting And Screaming ‘I’ve Just Graduated From Law School, You Cannot Punish An Innocent Man! It’S Not Right, It Doesn’t Work Like This!’ They Wrestled Him Into The Chair, And Once Again, The Same Thing Happened. Juan Explained That His Boss Was Starting To Get A Bit Anxious, And Thought It Best To Let Al Free, Just To Be Safe. Then It Was The Last Boy. I’Ll Never Forget The Look In His Eyes, Said Juan, Thick As Two Short Planks, The Poor Kid Barely Had A Clue What Was Going On. Again I Did My Best To Give Him A Chance, Tell Us I Said, Anything You Can Think Of Which Might Help. And That’S When The Dumb Kid Opened His Mouth And Said ‘Well, I Ain’T Never Been To No Fancy Law School, And I Ain’t Never Been To No Jesus College, But I Do Know That Chair Ain’T Never Gonna Work Unless You Go And Plug The Darned Thing In!

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