Hero Teens Risk Their Lives To Save 90 Year Old From Blazing Home.

Teenagers Get A Bad Rap Don’T They? We Make Jokes About Them And Take The Mickey Out Of Their Predictable And Infuriating Ways. We All Know Don’T We, That Teenagers Think They Know Everything For Example? And How Often Do We Hear About Teenagers On The News, And How Often Is It About Something Good They’Ve Done? Rarely! Well, As Human Beings We Tend To Feast On Bad News. Did You Know That Numerous Times People Have Tried To Create Newspapers That Focus On Good News? And They’Ve Always Seem To Fail! Nobody Buys Them! Maybe That’S Why We Might Get A Bit Of A Skewed Picture Of Today’S Young People, And Maybe, As These Four Hero Teens Seem To Indicate, It’S Not Entirely Fair!

Fortunately, A Peculiarity Of The Internet Seems To Be That People Do Like Positive Stories! Who Knows Why That Is, But Heart Warming, Encouraging And Hopeful Stories Sure Do Get Shared A Lot, And So They Should! The World Can Be A Pretty Dark And Scary Place, Goodness Knows We All Need A Bit Of Positivity! So Here’S Your Daily Dose!

A Group Of Teenage Boys All Between 14 And 17 Dylan Wick, Seth Byrd, Nick Byrd And Wyatt Hall Didn’T Set Out To Be Heroes, Instead They Were Planning An Ordinary Evening Hanging Out At Hall’S House In Sapulpa Outside Tulsa. These Kids, All Football Players, Were Obviously Raised Right! They Know To Check In On Their Neighbours. They Were First Alerted To Something Being Wrong By The Smell Of Smoke. Hgoing To Check Out What Was Going On, They Quickly Realised It Was Serious, As Visible Flames Could Be Seen Inside 90 Year Old Catherine Ritchie’S House. Thinking And Acting Quickly, Two Of The Boys Broke Into The House While The Other Two Called 911. Ritchie Had Realised That She Was In Trouble, But Was Unable To Get Out Of The House By Herself. Ritchie Had Been Aware Of The Fire And Tried To Make Her Way Out, But She Became Overcome By The Smoke And Was Unable To See Her Way Through The Thick Smoke And She Was Trapped. By The Time The Boys Found Her, She Was On The Floor In The Hall, Overcome By Smoke! The Hero Teens Then Picked Up Ritchie And Carried Her Out To Safety. Ricthie’S Daughter Missy Wrote About The Event On Her Blog:

“Thank You For Being The Kind Of Young Men Who Thought About Another Person Above Yourselves. Thank You For Staying Safe Yourselves As Well. Thank You To Your Parents Who Obviously Raised You In Such A Way That Lead To You Making Life Saving And Heroic Decisions On Behalf Of Someone Else.”

You Said It Missy! Just What We Were Thinking. Now We Could Never Recommend Rushing Into A Burning House, I Think The Fire Department Have Had Too Much Experience Of Tragedy Being Doubled When People Act In Desperation With No Real Knowledge Of The Kind Of Danger They Were Getting Themselves Into. But This Really Says Something Wonderful About Our Nature As Human Beings, We All Have The Capacity For Such Compassion And Selflessness, But I’M Sure We Don’T Always Listen To Our Nature. That’S The Beautiful Thing About This Story, These Boys Didn’T Have To Think, Have A Discussion Or Weigh Up The Pros And Cons Of The Rescue, They Just Saw What They Had To Do And Went Ahead And Did It. It’S Pretty Certain That If These Guys Hadn’T Acted Quickly, Catherine Ritchie Would Have Lost Her Life That Night.

Ritchie Is Herself Loved And Valued In The Community, And We Are So Glad That She Hasn’T Left Us Yet! She Is Still Very Active Volunteering In The Salvation Army, The Boys And Girls Club And Was Even Delivering Meals-On-Wheels Until Recently! Wouldn’T You Think At 90 She’D Be The One Having The Meals-On-Wheels Delivered?! Her Granddaughter Jennifer Said To Cnn That She Was Shaken Up By The Fire, But She Is Tough, Resilient And Active, And Isn’T Going To Let It Bring Her Down! Good For You Miss Ritchie!

I Think I’M Going To Be A Little More Careful From Now On, And Not Be So Quick To Be Dismissive And Judgemental Of Teenagers Today. It Certainly Gets Me Thinking, What Would I Do? Would I Dare To Go In? Jesus Said Greater Love Has No One Than This: To Lay Down One’S Life For One’S Friends. But When It Comes To The Crunch, Are We Really Ready To Do That? But There Was No Doubt Or Second Thought Here, Just Crystal Clear Knowledge Of What Had To Be Done, And Then Getting On And Doing It. Well Done Boys, You Are An Inspiration To Us All, And An Example. I Hope My Kids Grow Up With That Same Simple Understanding: Love Thy Neighbour As Thyself!

Now Then, When Something Like This Happens, A Simple Act Of Selfless Kindness We Should Shout It From The Rooftops, I Mean Really, Teenage Boys Going Into A Burning House And Saving The Life Of An Old Lady? This Is The Kind Of Stuff We Need As Front Page News Sometimes Instead Of The Constant Doom And Gloom Which Paints A False Picture Of The World And Just Brings Us Down! Give Somebody Else A Lift,


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