Great News! You May Actually Be Super-Smart!

Hey, I Like To Think I’M A Reasonably Intelligent Guy, Don’T We All? We Do Like To Have A Moan About What We Want And What We Haven’T Got, But You Don’T Get A Lot Of People Complaining That They’Re Short Of Brains Do You? In Fact That’S Probably One Thing We All Feel We Have Plenty Of. But According To The Site Likeswifty, There May Be A Certain Group Who Previously Doubted Their Own Intellectual Capacity Who Have A Little More Buzz In The Old Grey Matter Than They Previously Thought. Apparently, Being Forgetful Can Be A Sign Of High Intelligence! That Came As Something Of A Surprise To Be. Because I Can Tell You, The Last Time I Put My Car Keys In The Recycling Bin Because I Forgot I Even Had Them In My Hand I Wasn’T Thinking, ‘Hey, Brainy Guy!’

I Usually Take This Kind Of Pop-Science Nonsense With A Pinch Of Salt. One Scientific Study Says Something One Day And Another Contradicts It The Next. You Know What I Mean, You Could Scour The Internet And Find Countless Articles ‘As Little As Two Glasses Of Wine Per Day Will Make You A Billion Times More Likely To Develop A Brain Tumor By The Time You’Re 50.’ And Then The Next Day It’S ‘Four Glasses Of Red Wine Per Day Is The Secret To A Long And Healthy Life.’ You Know What I Mean! But Before We Get Too Cynical And Dismissive, There May Be A Grain Of Truth In This, Deep Down, Somewhere, Maybe.

Apparently, People Who Are Really Good At Remembering Lots Of Little Details Struggle With Other Basic Functions Like Remembering Important Information And Decision Making. Something Like Your Brain Being All Cluttered Up With Useless Stuff Making It Difficult For You To Prioritise What’S Important. Maybe It’S More The Other Way Around, If You’Re Not Really That Sharp, You Store Everything, Even What Isn’T Needed.

So, It Could Be That People Of Exceptional Intelligence Are Far More Naturally Able To Disregard Unimportant Details And Just Retain And Process Things Which Are Important. It Plays Well Into The Caricature Of The Dotty Old Professor Forgetting Where He Put His Glasses When They’Re On Top Of His Head, Because He’S Far More Focussed On The Important Matters At Hand! I Think Of Old Films And Can Picture This Brand Of Nutty Professor In My Head, It Makes Me Wonder, Maybe This Is Something We Already Knew Deep Down, Science Has Just Confirmed It For Us.

So The Next Time You’Re Taking A Loved One To A Nearby Brand New Restaurant And Forget The Way There, And They Give You Some Wholly Undeserved Grief, Just Remind Them Who They’Re Talking To, A Very Clever Person, Perhaps They Should Start Calling You Mega Mind! I’M Trying To Bring To Mind All The Times I Forgot Something Trivial Over The Years, Maybe I Can Count Them Up And The More Of Them There Are, The Cleverer I Must Be! But Of Course, I Can’T Remember Forgetting Them.

So I’M Either Super-Brainy Or Just Plain Old Thick. I’M Gonna Go With Super-Brainy. How About You? Do You Have A Habit Of Forgetting Silly Little Things? Is It Frustrating Because They Seem Important At The Time? Could It Be That You Simply Have An Amazing Brain Which Is Prioritising Information Which Helps Makes You A More Decisive Person, Able To Weigh Up The Pro’S And Cons Of A Situation Quickly Without Getting Confused By Trivial Details?

Of Course Like I Said, If We Actually Make The Effort To Read The Research Here There May Be A Little More To It Than This. I Remember An Episode Of The Simpsons Where Homer Forgets The Word ‘Spoon’ And Asks His Wife Marge To Pass Him The Small Spade For Digging Food. Does This Make Homer The Sharpest Tool In The Box? I Don’T Think So. And There Is A Lot Of Evidence That Keeping Your Mind Actives With Things Like Puzzles, Crosswords, Sudoku Etc Are A Great Way Of Keeping Your Memory Sharp And Even Delaying The Ageing Process In The Brain And Battling Dementia. So I Wonder If, If There Is Any Truth In It, Which I Suspect There Is, It May Be More Of An Indicator Than A Hard And Fast Rule.

Something Like ‘If You Are Very Smart Or Extremely Gifted In Some Area, It’S Not Uncommon For You To Have A Poor Memory For Small And Insignificant Details.’ Rather Than ‘You’Re A Genius If You Left The Oven On!’ Which Is What It Suggests On The Surface. But I Really Think It’S Worth Looking Into! I Mean, How Many Ordinary Working Class People Are There In The World Who Never Developed Their Gifts And Talents? How Many Amazing Pianists Who Never Got To Play A Piano? How Many Exceptional Scientists Don’T Know They Potential Because They Simply Never Got A Good Education?


How Many World-Class Engineers Who Never Got Their Hands On A Tool Kit? A Vast Number I Believe, Far More Than Ever Really Grow And Blossom Into What They Had The Potential To Be. I Find This Rather Sad, I Really Believe This To Be True, There Is So Much Lost Potential In The World, Especially In Poorer Countries. So, It Might Just Be Worth Giving A Little Bit Of Thought To, Are You Very Forgetful? Are You Always Leaving Your Door Unlocked Or Forgetting Where You Parked Your Car? It Could Well Be A Sign That You Have An Exceptional Brain And You Never Even Knew It. Give It Some Thought, See If You’Ve Missed Your True Calling Because, If You’Re Still Breathing It’S Not Too Late! Does This Sound Like Anyone You Know?


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