Get Ready, It’S Happening! Planters Cheese Balls Are Back!

Remember Those Lovely Balls Of Cheesy Goodness? Of Course You Do, How Could You Forget? Well, Let’S Be Honest, How Could You Sleep At Night? It Just Wasn’t Right Was It? Taking A Favorite Like That Out Of Our Lives, Boom, Just Like That, Like It Ain’t No Thing!

But Now After Years Of Listening To Us Whine And Moan, They’Re Bringing Them Back For A Limited Time, And They Will Hit Shelves On July First. After Going Out Of Production In 2006 There Have Been Numerous Groups Of Devoted Fans Lobbying To Get Them Back Including Petitions And Facebook Posts. But Here’S The Rub, I Suspect There May Have Been A Small But Devoted Group Of Followers Who All But Supported The Entire Cheese Ball Production.

So You Know What Will Happen, If They Release These Spheres Of Cheesy Yummyness For A Limited Time And Then Loads Of Us Go Out And Stock Up, And Keep Going Back, Think About It, They’Re Not Going To Withdraw Them Again Are They? If They’Re Making Money, They’Re Not Going To Take Them Away From Us Are They? Are They? So It’S Really Down To Us Folks, If We Really Want Planters Cheese Balls In Our Lives, We Have To Let Them Know, And Buy Them!

They’Re Also Bringing Back Cheese Curls Too If That’S More Your Thing. They’Ll Be Online At First, So Check Out Amazon And Wall-Mart On July First And Stock Up, Then Apparently They’Ll Be Rolling Them Out A Little Bit Wider. So Who Knows, Are They Just Teasing Us? This Is Great News For Lovers Of Cheese Snacks, But Could Be Dreadful News For Those Who Take Planters Cheese Balls Back Into Their Hearts Only To Have Them Yanked Away All Over Again!

So My Guess Is It’S Down To Us. We Have The Power People, If This Means Anything To You, Then You Have The Power! I Don’T Know Of Any Sensible Business Which Withdraws Something That’S Making A Good Profit, So, Get Out There, Stock Up, But Not Too Much, So You’Ll Run Out Before They Withdraw Them Again And You Can Go Back And Buy More. You Know, So It Doesn’t Just Look Like An Initial Buying Flurry And Then Die Off.


Just Getting My Basic Economics Out There. And Share This With Your Friends And Family Of Course, Share The Love People!