Biker Gang Devoted To Rescuing Puppies!

Straight Off You Might Think It’S Unfair Or Click bait To Call These Guys A Biker Gang, But Take One Minute To Look At The Cute Pun On Their Logo And You’Ll Realize That A Tough, No-Messing Attitude Is Just The Image They’Re Going For! Rescue Ink, A Play On Inc, (Short For Incorporated) Is A Reference To The Tattoo Art Often Associated With This Kind Of Rough And Ready Gang. But It Might Be Fair To Say That The Resemblance To Any Cultural Stereotype Of The Familiar Biker Gang Stops There. Except That Some Of Them Are Actually Full-Time Bikers, And Maybe That They Look Like You Definitely Wouldn’t Want To Mess With Them. But Here We Have One Biker Gang Defined By Their Hearts Of Gold. In My Mind There Are Few Causes More Noble Than Defending And Protecting The Innocent, And Defenseless.

Perhaps That’S Actually Where The Resemblance Ends. I Must Confess, I’ve Had Two Main Experiences Of So Called ‘Biker Gangs’. One, Everything I’ve Learned From TV And Movies. Perhaps Not The Most Reliable Source Of Information Or Historical Record. And Two, Friends Of Mine Who Are Involved With The Cma, Or Christian Motorcyclists Association, A ‘Gang’ Of Bikers Who Go Around Sharing The Good News Of Jesus! So, Talk About One Extreme To The Other!

Truth Be Told, There Are Plenty Of Bikers Who Are Defined By Their Love Of Motorbikes And The Lifestyle Of Living For Riding! But Rescue Ink Have An Unbreakable Bond, Something They All Share Which Binds Them Together Like An Unstoppable Force, Something Much More Noble Than A Simple Love Of Heavy Metal Thunder! This Group Of Tender Hearted Bikers Are Made Up Of All Sorts, All Backgrounds Genders And Day Jobs, Although As I Said Some Are Full Time Bikers, They Go Around Sniffing Out Animal Abuse And Putting A Stop To It! With A Special Interest In Finding And Stopping Horrific Dog-Fights, They Don’T Just Restrict Their Work To Puppy Dogs! In Fact Over The Year Rescue Ink Have Helped Save Snakes, Pigs, Horses, Chickens, And Even A Fish! It Takes A Special Kind Of Person To Devote Their Lives To Making The World A Better Place For Us All, Especially The Innocent And Defenseless, And Most Especially, The Innocent And Defenseless Who Can Never Say Thank You!

If You’Re A Dog Owner Or An Animal Lover You Are Probably Beyond Angry To Think That There Are Still People Who See Our Wonderful Canine Friends As A Source Of Violent, Despicable Entertainment To Satisfy Their Base Blood-Lust.

Go And Join Fight Club For Goodness Sake, I’M Sure There Are Plenty Of People Who’D Be Happy To Get In The Ring With You, But Pitting Innocent Creatures Against One Another Makes Me Wonder What Kind Of A World We Live In. I Remember Learning At School About The Horrific Barbarism Of The Roman Empire And Wondering What Kind Of People They Were That Would Go To Those Arenas For Entertainment, But They’Re Still Here Among Us! The Only Difference Is It Isn’T State Sanctioned! When Will We Rid The World Of This Out-Dated, Useless Attitude Towards Our Fellow Creatures?

It Reminds Me A Little Of Watching Cop-Shows, You Might Think I’M Straying From The Point Here But This Is An Important Part Of Why This Story Is So Important, After Years Of Enjoying Detective Dramas I’Ve Heard It Said A Few Times That The Cops Never Win, Crime Is Never Crushed, The Battle Is Never Over. And The Young Cop, All Disillusioned Complains To The Seasoned Old Officer That It’S All So Pointless, The Bad Guys Just Keep Coming Back, And His Boss Says To Him ‘It’S Not About Putting An End To Crime, We’Ll Never Do That, It’S About Making It As Hard For Them As Possible’. And That’S Just The Case Here, We Might Never End Animal Cruelty, There Are Always Going To Be Some Mixed-Up People Among Us Who Get A Kick Out Of Abusing Animals, But Guys Like Rescue Ink Are Determined To Make It As Hard For Them As Possible. And You Know What Really Helps?

Public Awareness! Back At The Start Of The 18th Century Having A Dog As A Pet Was A Pretty Unusual Idea, They Were Working Animals, Turning Spits In Kitchens Or Helping Heard Sheep Or Hunting. But The Fact Is The More We Know About Animals, The More We See How Precious They Are, How Much We Have In Common, The More We Can Help People Relate To Them And Understand That They Are Valuable Creatures With Needs, Desires, Feelings, Even Dare I Say It The Capacity To Love And Care, The Harder People Will Find It To Tolerate Or Even Take Part In Abuse. So We Can Change The World, We Can Make A Difference. We Might Not Ever Completely Put A Stop To Animal Cruelty, But With The Help Of Amazing People Like Those In Rescue Ink We Can Change Attitudes And Make It As Hard For People As Possible.

Rescue Ink Are A Non-Profit Organisation, Which Basically Means Some Staff Get The Pay They Deserve But There’S No Fat Cat At The Top Shoveling Money Into His Off-Shore Account.

It’S A Great Way To Run An Organisation, Supporting People Doing Invaluable Work On The Ground Whilst Not Having To Focus On Profits For Investors And Shareholders, But Instead Devoting The Time To Doing What They’Re Good At, Finding Out Where Animals Are In Need And Responding With Love And Care.

I Know I’ve Said It Before But This Kind Of Story Gives Me Hope, I Wish The Mainstream News Picked Up On Stories Like This More Often Rather Than Just Shoving The Token Odd One At The End Of An Hour’S Doom And Gloom! Wouldn’t We All Feel Much Better If We Spent A Bit More Time Focusing On The Good Stuff There Is In The World? Well, Make Sure You Subscribe To Our Channel, Because It’S Our Mission To Make Sure Your Day Has A Bit Of Hope And Optimism In It Every Day! There Are Loads Of Fantastic People Out There In The World Doing Stuff Like Rescue Ink, And They Deserve Credit For It! Listen To Their Mission Statement: