Avoid Men! 109 Year Old Woman Reveals Secret To Long Life!

You Really Want To Know The Secret To A Long And Healthy Life? Maybe The Best Place To Start Isn’t With A Gym Instructor Or Some Spiritual Guru Chasing The Latest New-Age Fad, But By Asking The People Who Have Actually Achieved It! A Certain Undeniable Logic There Don’T You Think?

And While I’Ve Heard Plenty Of Older People Extolling The Virtues Of Healthy Eating, Avoiding Cigarettes And Alcohol, Exercise And Plenty Of Sleep, Those Aren’t The Kind Of Things We Really Want To Hear Are They?

A Bit Dull! Susanna Mushatt Jones, A Super Centenarian Who Lived To The Ripe Old Age Of 116 Years, And Was The Last Living Person In The Usa To Have Been Born In The 19Th Century, Cited Eating Bacon Every Day As A Contribution Factor To Her Long Years. Yes, I Can Cope With That! That’S The Kind Of Thing I Want To Hear!

Well One Spiritedly Centenarian Is About To Brighten Up Your Day With Her Own Experience, And This Comes Right Out Of Left Field! So, A Big Survey Was Done Recently In 2015, Which Went Out To Loads Of People In The USA Aged Over 100, And What They Were Asking Was The Age-Old Question, What’S The Secret To A Long A Healthy Life? Loads Of Answers Came Back, And Many Were Just What You’D Expect, Spending Time With Family, Saving Money From A Young Age, Staying Physically Active, Bla Bla Bla Boring.

But It Was The Reaction That One Old Scottish Lady, Jesse Gallan Gave, That Got Everybody’S Attention, And The Internet’S Just Loving It! Jesse Is One Of 7 Siblings, And Was Born Into A Small Two-Room Family Home Way Back In 1906. Yes, If You Math Is Good, You’Ll Have Clicked That Sadly She Passed In 2015.

She Went To School For A Brief Time Before Having To Work In A Farm Kitchen To Bring In Money To Support Herself And The Family. Later In Life She Moved Into The City To Work In The Home Of A Wealthy Man, Before Being Engaged In Numerous Admin Roles Throughout Her Long, But At Least On The Surface, Fairly Unremarkable Life. So? What’S The Secret? ‘Avoid Men! They’Re Simply More Of An Inconvenience Than They Are Useful!’

Well! I Hardly Know What To Say About That Jesse! When She Was Interviewed For Local News She Was Understandably Living In A Retirement Home Where She Seemed To Have A Good And Active Life, She Had Close Friends Who She Enjoyed Spending Time With, And Was Still Busy, Walking And Even Dancing. A Good Way To Spend Your Last Years By The Sound Of It.

Although Gallan Did Cite Eating Porridge Throughout Her Life She Wasn’t Keen To Suggest That This Was Her Secret. What Do You Think? Could This Be True? Would A Man Have Just Sucked The Life Out Of Her And Left Her In An Earlier Grave?

I Hope Not, Maybe There’S Some Truth In It, Maybe There’S Not! One Thing I Know Is That We Don’T Listen To The Wisdom Of The Elderly Often Enough, Goodness Knows They’ve Had The Life Experience. So Whether This Really Is The Secret To A Long And Happy Life Or Not, This Certainly Is Good For A Giggle! Are You Willing To Take Jesse Gallan’S Advice And See If You Make It Past 100?

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